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StorMagic 2021 Predictions: Inevitable Trends for Security, IT and the Edge

vmblog 2021 prediction series 

Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2021.  Read them in this 13th annual series exclusive.

Inevitable Trends for Security, IT and the Edge

By Bruce Kornfeld, CMPO, StorMagic

Last year presented new challenges to the IT world that position 2021 for several shifts. 2020 saw a continued increase in both virtual SAN and HCI adoption at the edge and in small datacenters. It was also marked by an increased focus on security practices, driven by the global spread of the Coronavirus, which forced many employees to transition to remote work. This adds fuel to the fire and further accelerates the growth of edge computing because more and more workloads are moving outside the datacenter and cloud - closer to where the data is being generated.

A few of my predictions for 2021 are outlined below.

  1. The death of the spinning hard drive. Transitioning away from spinning hard drives has become a no-brainer for IT professionals architecting new solutions in the datacenter and at the edge. Flash disks are just superior in all regards - performance, reliability and even price. Yes, they are still more expensive on a $$/GB basis, but the added benefits dwarf the minor uptick in cost. All-flash is even more interesting at the edge where datasets are typically smaller and the incremental cost is small.
  2. Two node HCI deployments become the standard. HCI has traditionally required three servers per site. However, with edge computing on the rise, there is massive demand to reduce the IT footprint at these smaller locations and technology advances are enabling it.
  3. Cybersecurity flourishes. Due to COVID-19 and the continued focus on digital transformation there has never been more focus on communicating and doing business electronically. This means cybersecurity will become more mainstream and critical to security departments everywhere - from the edge to the core.
  4. IoT makes a big leap forward. Many organizations have been testing new ways to use technology to improve their processes and customer experience. As these pilots start to roll into production, edge computing deployments will skyrocket as a means to process the vast amount of data that IoT devices continue to generate.
  5. Infrastructure and DevOps teams merge or partner. The two business units are realizing they cannot coexist independently, so they will either merge or form a joint partnership to ensure business continuity and better address company issues.
  6. Blockchain evolves beyond Bitcoin. Blockchain will mature beyond "just a cool term" that is synonymous with Bitcoin. More and more vendors will look to use Blockchain to facilitate not only financial transactions but other intermediary dependent transactions, like real estate escrow. While new use cases gain attention, regulation activities will gain momentum. Look for more government involvement in Blockchain as a whole.

While the ongoing global pandemic will continue to impact the IT landscape in the coming months, customers continue to focus on building edge computing strategies, and finding ways to secure data from the edge to the primary datacenter and cloud, as key priorities in 2021. In 2020, COVID-19 made changes to where and how we work, yet data is continuing its migration closer to where it's being processed, and securing data remains a key concern for IT directors and CISOs. What changes do you envision for IT in 2021? Follow us, @StorMagic, on Twitter to share your vision and continue the discussion.


About the Author

Bruce Kornfeld 

Bruce Kornfeld is an experienced technology executive who has held leadership roles in marketing, product management, alliances and business development in the storage, server, networking and software industries. He joined StorMagic in 2017, and serves as chief marketing and product officer, where he is responsible for all aspects of global marketing, product management and alliances for the company. Prior to joining StorMagic, Bruce held marketing and product leadership positions at Compellent, Dell and NCR. He helped Compellent grow its revenue from $9M to more than $150M, which led to their IPO and eventual sale to Dell for $960M, and was instrumental in building and growing Dell's first storage division to over $1bn. Follow him on Twitter @brucekornfeld.

Published Tuesday, October 27, 2020 7:34 AM by David Marshall
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