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vArmour Introduces New Product to Manage User Access Risks of Distributed Workforces

vArmour announced vArmour Application Access & Identity Module, the latest product built on the vArmour Application Controller platform. This timely release reduces operational and cyber risks brought on by the highly distributed nature of today's workforce, and enables organizations to use relationships to understand whether users are accessing critical business applications and data in a safe and secure fashion.

vArmour's new product extends the company's leadership position in Application Relationship Management (ARM) through the introduction of identity and application access relationships. Enterprises leverage ARM to understand every application across every environment - their relationships, dependencies, vulnerabilities, recovery time objectives, and risk. With the new module, vArmour adds user and identity relationships into the platform, tying together the relationships of users, credentials, devices, and applications, into a common actionable view. This equips security and operations teams with unprecedented visibility and control over user access to critical applications, solving difficult challenges such as revealing inappropriate or toxic combinations of access, or discovering the blast radius of an incident.

The release of the Application Access & Identity Module addresses the risks of a highly distributed workforce, now common across all enterprises due to COVID-19. Visualizing and controlling applications and the diverse users and devices which access those applications has never been more important. The new module extends vArmour's existing capabilities to auto-discover relationships and compute policies from applications out to the end-user - for the first time showing user and application relationships in a single, enterprise-wide view. vArmour's unique approach complements and extends existing Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions.

According to Gartner, "As digital business continues to grow across all industries and privacy is becoming a critical focus, business requirements for IAM are growing rapidly. Yet, many IAM programs are burdened by legacy approaches that are siloed, fragmented and static, while customer expectations grow more challenging to satisfy."

The Application Access & Identity Module builds on the rich ecosystem of existing and new technology partners that support the vArmour Application Controller platform. Specifically, the identity module integrates Microsoft Azure Active Directory* to deliver a secure foundation that enables customers to manage enterprise security.

"Our customers are excited because this new offering lets them see identity from the application out - complementary but different from classical identity approaches," said Keith Stewart, SVP of Product and Strategy at vArmour. "If you are trying to protect your most critical assets, you have to be able to quickly answer ‘who's accessing it, and whether they should have access to it' for every application in your environment."

"With millions of people forming the largest workforce in history, it's important to implement controls around how the distributed workforce accesses business applications to ensure risk to the business is managed," said Ann Johnson, CVP SCI Business Development at Microsoft. "By adding identity information from Active Directory and Azure Active Directory on top of existing Azure integrations with vArmour, our collaboration with vArmour now enables joint customers to view user access from an application-centric perspective to help enhance both their security posture, and end-user experience."

Additional use cases enabled by vArmour Application Access & Identity include:

  • Identify Suspicious or Malicious Actors: Identifying application access by accounts (whether incorrect usage or stolen) or patterns (e.g. location) that access new or out-of-policy systems
  • Identify Toxic Combinations: Visualize and control toxic application access combinations for improved governance and compliance (e.g. trading users accessing research applications; non- privileged users accessing privileged systems)
  • Audit and Compliance Automation: Automated documentation and enforcement of compliance requirements that govern application access

vArmour Application Access & Identity Module is a new module within the vArmour Application Controller platform, and is available alongside the existing vArmour Application Policy & Protection Module.

Published Wednesday, October 28, 2020 10:58 AM by David Marshall
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