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Liquit 2021 Predictions: Wine & the Wine Bottle - A Glimpse into the Future of Application Delivery

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Wine & the Wine Bottle - A Glimpse into the Future of Application Delivery

By Chuck Brady, Vice President of the Americas at Liquit

Wine, it's a multi-billion-dollar industry that, although has leveled off in the past two years, growth is expected to rise to 281 million cases, worth $32.9 billion by 2022. The recent growth is centered around the COVID-19 quarantine where consumption of wine and spirits has risen considerably. With its popularity soaring, wine has developed its own sub-culture. No longer for the suave sophisticate, wine is now a staple at backyard BBQs and weekday evening mealtimes. There are T-Shirts, knickknacks, books, and Facebook Groups all centered around wine. With all the wine consumption in the world, why aren't there any sub-cultures, knickknacks, or Facebook Groups centered around the wine bottle? Although the wine bottle manufacturers would differ, the bottle is a mere vessel. Without the wine it's just another glass item to be recycled or to be used as a vase. Has the wine bottle ever had its day?

So how does the concept of a wine bottle have anything to do with predicting the future of IT? Interestingly, wine bottles were for centuries very expensive items, handcrafted by artisans. Kings, noble families, and wealthy merchants had elaborate bottles made to order, often embossed with their coat of arms. The big breakthroughs in developing the modern wine bottle were due to a 17th century war and the genius of a notorious pirate, but those stories are for another time. Many traditional wine bottle sizes are named for Biblical kings and historical figures. However, much like the devices of the past, the popularity of the wine bottle diminished as mass production fueled the rise of industry. Demand for wine became the coveted prize for the consumer and the bottle no longer had its appeal. After all, why bother spending time and resources on the vessel when the content is what's most important to the consumer.

Much like the fine wine and the wine bottle, business applications have become the coveted prize for the business consumer while the device is a mere vessel for the application. At one point in technology history, the device, i.e. computer (mainframe, PC, Desktop, laptop etc.) was the focus. Although the hardware itself was never named after Biblical kings or historical figures, the application was subject to the device it was written for.

The performance and workflow of an application were subject to the capabilities and restrictions of the device. Today, however, as technology advances, and new capabilities become available on a regular basis, the application is becoming the focus as the device is surely going the way of the wine bottle in the future.

My prediction for the future of business is that all applications will be cloud based, delivered from a digital workspace to whatever device or interface the business consumer desires. For example, accessing applications on a smart TV while at home, managing your ERP system from your smartwatch, or approving payroll from your dash-mounted LCD touch screen of your electric vehicle will be the norm. A concept that Gartner coined as Anywhere Operations.

The platform or operating system for which an application was originally developed, will no longer hinder the capability to access those applications on whatever device or interface the business consumer chooses. Business will be done from everywhere and productivity will soar along with mobility. However, unlimited access to every application will lead to a healthier work life balance. Unlike today where productivity relies solely on life being centered around business productivity, in the future, business will be centered around life's productivity. Unrestricted access and mobility will lead to more freedom in location and more time with the family.

The technology to facilitate such a paradigm shift is already in motion. Applications decoupled from the back end are already being delivered to a fully customizable workspace, accessible from any device. User disruption from back end maintenance, support, upgrades, and unforeseen outages is no longer an issue. The delivery of applications becomes the center of business much like wine is to the consumer, and the device goes the way of the wine bottle - a necessity, however a commodity.  

Liquit is already enabling the future today by making Anywhere Operations a reality that is easily and cost effectively achievable. Liquit will future proof your infrastructure by offering the flexibility to incorporate and move to new technologies easily, on the organizations timeline all without ever disrupting the end users. So, the future looks bright... let's toast to that! Cheers!


About the Author

Chuck Brady, Vice President of the Americas at Liquit

Chuck Brady 

Chuck is the newest member of the Liquit executive team. He has 20+ years of successfully starting and transforming technology organizations. Chuck was one of the original co-founders of AppDNA, a UK startup where he helped grow the company to nearly $30 million in revenue in just under four years. In his role at Liquit Chuck is working closely with our Americas partners to help them demonstrate the unique value Liquit Workspace brings to both the line of business and IT in major corporations throughout the Americas.

Published Thursday, October 29, 2020 7:37 AM by David Marshall
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