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Qumulo Introduces New Suite of Data Services to Radically Simplify File Data Management at Scale
Qumulo announced a new suite of data services that radically simplify managing massive amounts of file data. Qumulo unveiled two new data services, Qumulo Secure and Qumulo Dynamic Scale, and introduced advancements including Instant Software Upgrade to Qumulo Core, the industry's first NVMe Cached Performance and Qumulo Shift's new visual interface. 

"Radical simplicity is critical for customers to be successful with unstructured data. Our software-driven file data platform offers enterprise-level capabilities that radically simplify the process of today's digital transformation," said Ben Gitenstein, VP of Product, Qumulo. "With the data services we announced today, Qumulo's customers can simplify the complexity of their infrastructure, accelerate innovation, and unleash the power of their data, wherever it resides."

NVMe Cached Performance: Significantly lowering the cost of performance

Although many workloads, such as data analytics, research computing, and rich media content creation, benefit from low latency and massive throughput, access to the most performant leading-edge technologies has historically been accessible only to specialized workloads with large budgets.

Qumulo has broken this paradigm, introducing the file industry's first software to provide machine learning optimized read and write cache leveraging NVMe. The intelligent cache manages data on the optimal storage media to get both high performance and cost-effective capacity. With the introduction of the latest release of Qumulo Core software and two new qualified hardware options (C-192T and C-432T), Qumulo now offers NVMe performance at the price of disk.

"The new Qumulo Core capability to use NVMe as cache enables us to meet our performance and budget needs by providing great economics from very dense hard drives combined with its great caching capabilities on extremely fast NVMe drives," said Serkan Yalcin, Director of IT, Infrastructure Dev/Ops, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. "Qumulo's intelligent caching, without managing policies, has been great and provides even more value for us with NVMe as the caching layer. These features, combined with their great customer success experience, really empower us to focus on our mission of bringing population health data to the world."

Qumulo Dynamic Scale: Leverage new processor, storage and memory innovation to scale existing deployments

Data is growing more rapidly every year. Users need access to new technology to keep pace. Historically, organizations have had to worry about when to invest in new technology, concerned they may miss the window to access new advancements that may be imminently released. The introduction of Qumulo Dynamic Scale enables administrators to leverage newly qualified platforms with the latest processors, memory and storage devices without the need for forklift upgrades, data migrations, or complex storage pool management. Qumulo users now can add new qualified platforms into existing environments with no need to manage different storage pools or perform a data migration. The new platforms are simply added to the existing environment, data is automatically redistributed, and the increased performance and capacity are automatically made available to users and applications.

"Everyone from the marketing group to our dot-com and interactive groups is relying on it. We needed the storage equivalent of a reliable Swiss army knife, and unfortunately, our old system wasn't cutting it anymore," said Raoul Edwards, Director, Network Systems Engineering and Field Ops at MSG Networks.

Qumulo Secure: Automated data encryption, for free

To help make data encryption easy and cost effective, today Qumulo is introducing AES 256-bit software encryption at-rest as part of the Qumulo Secure set of data services. For new deployments, Qumulo now encrypts all data, automatically. No additional third-party applications or key managers are needed, and there is no added cost. Encryption now comes standard, as do all Qumulo features as part of the standard software subscription.

Qumulo Secure provides a wide range of security features, including role-based authentication (RBAC), audit, and encryption in-flight. And with today's announcement, the Qumulo software will now encrypt all data automatically, on any deployment type, at no additional cost. "With Qumulo making industry-standard AES-256 encryption a standard in their solution, I never need to worry about if my data is at risk," said Hanoz Elavia, Storage Administrator at Atomic Cartoons.

Instant Upgrade to Qumulo Core: No downtime to users or applications, no maintenance windows

Software upgrades to IT infrastructure historically required time-consuming planning, maintenance windows, and scheduled downtime. When using Instant Upgrade, the system starts the new version in a container, changes the system to point to the new version, and stops the old version in under 20 seconds, making upgrades fast and consistent across cluster sizes and different underlying hardware. And when OS updates are needed, Instant Upgrade automates those as well, applying updates and rebooting nodes as needed to achieve a fully upgraded environment with ease. 

"Managing data with Qumulo is so simple that it's hard to describe the impact. It has given us tremendous ROI in terms of time saved and problems eliminated. Having such reliable storage makes us eager to use it more broadly throughout the company," said John Beck, IT Manager at Hyundai Mobis.

Qumulo Shift: Simplify transformation of data from file to object now with a visual interface

Data is typically created in a file format, but applications and developers often want to leverage capabilities and services connected to cloud object stores such as AWS S3. Qumulo Shift makes it simple to copy data from a file solution into Amazon S3. The new visual interface makes it even easier to leverage data in the location and format that makes innovation fastest. When data needs to be transformed from file to object, customers can simply select their choice Amazon S3 target buckets and initiate a data copy with the click of a button.

With Qumulo Shift, customers can:

  • Leverage legacy and cloud-native applications without having to re-build their architecture
  • Retain S3-native and file-native properties to maintain full data control and ownership
  • Avoid having to refactor applications or use third-party data movement packages

The simplicity of Qumulo's file data platform makes it easy and affordable for organizations to leverage the value of massive data sets distributed across on-prem and multi-clouds and ensures visibility into the data with uncompromising security and data protection.


  • NVMe Cached Performance
    • Software optimizations for NVMe as cache - available today in software release 3.0.2
    • New qualified platforms
      • C-192T - available to order today, general availability November 25, 2020
      • C-432T - available to order today, general availability November 10, 2020
  • Qumulo Dynamic Scale - available December 15, 2020
  • Qumulo Secure - available today in software release 3.1.5
  • Instant software upgrade for Qumulo Core - available November 25, 2020, in software release 3.3.3
  • Qumulo Shift included in a visual interface - available today in software release 3.3.0
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