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StorMagic Enhances Security for Cloud Deployments through new SvKMS Integrations

StorMagic, simplifying storage and security from the edge to the core, announced that it has released its latest version of SvKMS to include new encryption key management integrations for both onsite and multiple cloud applications. StorMagic SvKMS keeps customer keys safe across multiple environments, use cases and cryptosystems, and can be deployed anywhere-at the edge, in the datacenter or in any cloud.

According to Gartner, the worldwide public cloud services market is estimated to be $258 billion in 2020, and expects it to grow to $513 billion in 2024. This growth makes securing the data inside cloud applications a growing problem for IT professionals. Typically, users are dependent on their cloud provider to encrypt their data and create, store and manage the associated encryption keys. This defies the security industry best practice to separate "lock and key". To solve these dilemmas, IT and security teams are looking to own and manage keys and need enterprise key management solutions that integrate with their cloud providers' cybersecurity protections. 

Traditional key management systems are complex, expensive and lack flexibility and interoperability across multiple use-cases. In response to customer demand, SvKMS has developed several new integrations and enables all of an organization's keys to be managed from a single interface. The new integrations are: 

  • Google Cloud External Key Management (EKM) - StorMagic is now part of Google's EKM Program, so joint StorMagic/Google Cloud customers can use keys from SvKMS to protect data within Google Cloud. This adds flexibility of key and access control management and provides external key protection for Google services such as Kubernetes Engine and BigQuery.
  • Microsoft Azure Key Vault Managed Hardware Security Module (HSM) - Azure customers can use any supported on-premises HSMs to generate keys and use SvKMS to import and manage the keys as part of an enterprise-wide key management system. Any Azure application that supports Key Vault can use this program, including Office 365 and Sharepoint.
  • Salesforce Shield - Salesforce Shield is a set of security tools used with Salesforce applications. Users can enable encryption and with SvKMS, manage encryption keys outside of Salesforce for greater security.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) - This integration includes continued support for external key management with AWS S3 and EC2 using the bring-your-own-key (BYOK) approach.
  • BitLocker Through this integration, Microsoft BitLocker backup keys can be protected through SvKMS, which makes it easy for administrators to encrypt Windows laptops and desktops within their organization and maintain control of the encryption keys from a central location. The demand for this has increased significantly during COVID-19 because more employees are working from home and securing corporate assets is critical.

"Users have been transitioning applications from onsite to the cloud for years, but COVID-19 has added fuel to that fire," said Bruce Kornfeld, chief marketing and product officer, StorMagic. "We continue to find ways to help customers secure their data in the cloud by giving them control of their encryption keys. Trusting cloud providers with both lock and key can be a big mistake."

SvKMS previously finalized integrations with 14 other companies and technologies including AWS, Commvault, IBM, MariaDB, MongoDB, MySQL, NetApp, Nutanix, OpenStack, vSAN, VMware vSphere and Veritas.

Published Tuesday, November 10, 2020 11:20 AM by David Marshall
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