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RSS and Quortus Partner to Provide Next-Gen, Cloud-Native Solutions for 5G and Quortus announced a strategic partnership through which the companies will jointly offer solutions that significantly reduce the costs, complexities and deployment times for enterprises, mobile network operators (MNOs) and communication service providers (CSPs) rolling out next-gen networks and services.

Private LTE/5G offers new opportunities for enterprises to build wireless communication solutions that meet their specific demands, while spectrum for these Private LTE/5G applications is now available in multiple countries. Compared with traditional wireless solutions, a cloud-native Private LTE network offers better coverage, more throughput and improved security. These solutions are currently being deployed on campuses, manufacturing plants, hospitals and on behalf of any organization that needs to deliver secure and high-performance broadband wireless access to multiple buildings and IoT endpoints.

By working in close strategic partnership, Quortus and Robin enable the expedited deployment of  cloud-native mobile core networks which deliver all the advantages of Private LTE/5G, in an operationally optimized solution. A Quortus and Robin partnership significantly reduces the development time for Systems Integrators, CSPs and other Strategic Alliances by enabling a smooth path to integration and orchestration, which greatly eases the cost and operational effort needed for productization.

"Enterprises, MNOs and CSPs are quickly identifying the specific areas of need for cloud-native private networks and finding that the opportunities for successful, high-impact deployments are plentiful," said Partha Seetala, CEO of "Cloud native private networks have a number of coverage, security and bandwidth advantages that make these solutions ideal as organizations tackle next generation connectivity. The partnership between Quortus and Robin will enable the companies to offer a powerful cloud-native mobile core network that is fully automated, lightweight and ready to deploy in days, not weeks."

"At Quortus, we are really excited to be in this partnership with Robin, it will be a game-changer for our customers," said Mark Bole, CEO, Quortus. "Robin are a leader among the very few cloud-native automation platforms and this will give our customers the opportunity to access the multitude of benefits offered by a Quortus private LTE/5G network with an industry leading time-to-value."

End-to-End Cloud-Native Automation

Today, 5G network operators require new software solutions to provision network capacity, automate service delivery and reduce operating costs. With Robin's Automation Platform, operators can achieve end-to-end automation for the deployment, scaling and lifecycle management of any data- or network-centric application - all the way from OSS/BSS to core to edge to RAN. Currently, Robin supports a variety of use cases within mobile networks, including RAN-as-a-service, Bare metal-as-a-service and ALM-as-a service.

Private 5G Networks

Robin's lightweight CNP and MDCAP platforms utilize minimal compute resources for private 4G and 5G network deployments which allow for improved enterprise return on investment (ROI). MNOs and Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are rapidly identifying enterprise-specific needs for private networks, including manufacturing, healthcare, education, utilities and transportation. Robin has partnered with 5G RAN, Core, Edge applications as well as hardware vendors to deploy and manage cloud-native private networks.

Published Wednesday, November 18, 2020 4:02 PM by David Marshall
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