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Contentstack 2021 Predictions: The Year that Digital Experience Reigns Supreme

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2021: The Year that Digital Experience Reigns Supreme

By Nishant Patel, co-founder and CTO, Contentstack

This year the global pandemic highlighted the importance of being able to swiftly pivot to serve customers. The companies that invested in a scalable technology framework persevered. 

Next year we will see brands double down on digital experience in an effort to retain customer loyalty and increase revenue, and they will be held accountable for the success of these investments. Budget will be diverted towards future-proof technology stacks that can scale as the organization does, and integration capabilities will be added to every RFP.

Content becomes a core asset; technology investments will support the Content Development Life Cycle (CDLC) 

Companies are starting to rethink the dimensions of how they create, deliver and iterate on content and how it impacts the creation of experiences. Next year, content will be treated more and more like a core asset with organizations trying to leverage it more than ever before. This will impact the tools and processes being used on a daily basis across business and IT as the Content Development Life Cycle (CDLC) evolves. Marketing teams will invest in technology that is flexible, agile, efficient and delivers fast results to support the CDLC. MACH-architected components are particularly well positioned to support this transformation. 

Businesses will be held accountable to the ROI of digital initiatives

Digital experience quickly became a business imperative this year, as brands struggled to retain customer loyalty and pivoted to offer new touchless, digital experiences. This is most certainly not a fad. Recent research shows that poor experiences cost businesses loyal customers -- according to PwC, more than 30 percent of consumers leave brands they love after even just a single poor experience. 

Next year digital experiences and digital content will become exponentially richer, more dynamic and more immersive, as brands in all sectors embrace emerging technologies to offset the lack of public gatherings and in-person experiences. Greater focus will be placed on being able to map the consumer purchasing journey, identify touchpoints that drive their experience along the way, and smartly invest in those key elements that deliver measurable results -- aka Return on Experience (ROX). Organizations will be held accountable for measuring the success of the investment, and will invest in tools that help to quantify the customer experience. 

Automation becomes a superpower 

This year, every business was reminded of the importance of needing to be agile and ready to pivot operations due to unforeseen changes like COVID-19. Having tools in place -- for example, intelligent automation to increase efficiencies -- was in some cases the determining factor of success or failure. 

Next year automation will become a superpower, in particular for business users, but it will also become increasingly valuable for technical users and developers. An increasing number of popular tools already offer this, for example, and JIRA. Automation will become a key component to enabling effective integrations. 

Integration becomes an imperative and will be added to every RFP

As a result of the explosion in apps, systems and experiences, integration will be top of mind for every department. Brands will have to ensure that processes are managed properly across disparate systems and that data -- and especially content -- is secure end-to-end. Enterprises will add integration considerations to every RFP and products that don't integrate will lose to products that do this well.


About the Author 

Nishant Patel 

Nishant was Founder, CEO and CTO of Digital Experience Platform®, which was acquired by German software powerhouse Software AG in September 2018. Under his leadership as Founder and CTO at Raw Engineering, Nishant ran an R&D incubator to pioneer new category-forming products like Raw Engineering's MBaaS, iPaaS and Contentstack (Headless CMS), which all became industry leaders in Enterprise SaaS.

Published Friday, December 04, 2020 7:34 AM by David Marshall
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