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Stratodesk 2021 Predictions: EUC Work From Home Trends To Expect in 2021

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EUC Work From Home Trends To Expect in 2021

By Joseph Anderson, Content Guru, Stratodesk

2020 was remarkable in many ways. Notably, remote work took a front and center stage this year as enterprises and organizations around the world sought to overcome the many complexities inherent to a flexible workforce. In 2021, we will see remote work become a mainstay, with IT leaders looking for substantial ways to enable a secure, seamless remote experience across both personal and business devices.

Remote Work - A Few Statistics Impacting 2021

Interestingly enough, many companies were already offering remote work options to employees before the pandemic. In fact, as many as 4.7 million people were working remotely. That is, of course, a significant number of people. But that number pales in comparison to how many switched to remote work post pandemic.

According to a survey by Gartner inc, as many as 88% of organizations around the world switched to remote work post pandemic.

With such a massive trend to remote work, it seems the future of EUC will be more flexible than ever. Indeed, it seems that the trend will be "work from anywhere" for the foreseeable future.

Work From Home Becomes a Mainstay

Nobody saw remote work becoming mainstream as quickly as it has. Suffice to say, in 2020, remote work is officially the norm.

Although it has been clear for some time that flexible work - including remote work - was becoming more and more widespread. Due to the pandemic, however, enterprises have turned to remote work in droves. Enterprises and organizations now have the technical capacity to continue productive remote working into the future. For this reason, remote work will continue to be the norm in 2021. It will be seen not as a temporary solution, but as a way of life.

Additionally, enabling remote work continues to be an effective way for employers to compete in a competitive hiring landscape. They are challenged to make remote work effective and productive in order to compete for the best talent, especially as skilled workers continue to migrate around America.

Hybrid Work Models Increase the Need for Cloud Desktops

Ultimately, every business will have to face the reality of a forever changed workforce. Many businesses plan to return to work as normal after the pandemic. Others have adopted work remote forever programs. Others plan on adopting a hybrid work model - part time in office, part time at home. What this means, however, is that the Cloud will become vital to IT efforts in solving the many challenges of enabling secure, flexible work.

After all, Cloud Desktops are a reliable, scalable way for enterprises and organizations to deal with the uncertainty of the future, as well as hybrid work situations. Additionally, DaaS has been further established now not only by EUC leaders like Citrix and VMware but by Microsoft. Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop has made waves this year as one of the ideal ways to consume Windows 10 in the Cloud.

Bring Your Own Device Revolutionizes the Way We Think of EUC

Whether it be work from home forever models or hybrid models, the accelerated adoption of flexible work has pushed the boundaries in regards to devices used to power the future of work.

Over the past several years, device expectations have continued to diverge. New work trends have accelerated the need for IT to provide access to apps and data on an increased variety of devices. This means anything and everything from the most powerful, cutting edge PCs to the most basic, yet versatile Raspberry Pi based device. As enterprises turn to the Cloud, end users - workers, contractors and agents - will be using devices of all kinds in order to get their jobs done.

In addition to a general widening in the type of devices used, IT leaders will have no recourse but to enable bring your own device (BYOD). In fact, BYOD programs have made a huge resurgence in 2020 due to the pandemic.

However, the resurgence of BYOD programs will also cause IT leaders to rethink security - in the end this will mean branching out to newer and better solutions that specialize in enabling bring your own device

Work from home, Bring Your Own Device, and a new, more flexible workforce present many hurdles for IT leaders. But they don't have to be paralyzing. Enterprises can ensure the ongoing productivity, creativity and ingenuity of their workforce when they use the right software. That's why, no matter where 2021 takes us, Stratodesk will be in lock-step, letting workers get their jobs done, no matter what occurs, by enabling BYOD, secure end user computing for the modern world, and access to Virtual and Cloud Desktops anywhere in the world.

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Joseph Anderson is a Content Manager at Stratodesk as well as a podcaster and blogger.

Published Tuesday, December 15, 2020 9:22 AM by David Marshall
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