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Commvault 2021 Predictions: SaaS, Ransomware, and Dark Data

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SaaS, Ransomware, and Dark Data

By Ranga Rajagopalan, Vice President of Product at Commvault

It has been a busy year for IT professionals as well as for Commvault. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many to accelerate their cloud adoption and other digital transformation initiatives, making it more important than ever for them to intelligently manage, move and protect business critical data. This growing need for intelligent data management has increased demand for Commvault's data protection solutions, as professionals seek innovative ways to simplify the management of their organization's data, whether it resides on-premises, on multiple clouds, or on the laptops that they and other people at their organization are using to work from home. 

As you find yourself wondering what 2021 might hold for you as you are likely working from home this holiday season, here are some of the data management challenges, opportunities, and other market developments that Commvault's Ranga Rajagopalan, VP of Products, predicts you and other IT professionals might face in 2021.

More Companies Will Seek to Shine a Light on Their Dark Data
  • For years companies have been building up vast amounts of "Dark Data" - data backed up or archived for retention or compliance purposes that otherwise sits silent, unused, and sometimes completely forgotten. However, as markets get more crowded and companies find themselves needing to further differentiate themselves from their competition, more companies in 2020 will seek to shine a light on this Dark Data for insights that can improve business outcomes. Whether they are simply indexing this data or running analytics or AI tools on it, companies will try to use Dark Data to generate insights - ranging from as how to lower their operating costs by optimizing the storage of this Dark Data, to how to develop more compelling digital services for their customers -- that offer them a competitive advantage.

Organizations Finally Realize They Need A Business Continuity Plan for Ransomware Attacks

  • As recent ransomware attacks on hospitals that halted radiation treatments for some cancer patients demonstrate, despite organizations' best efforts, it is impossible for security solutions to be 100 percent effective. As organizations finally come around to realizing that no security system is perfect, they are now asking themselves not what they will do if a ransomware or other cyberattack locks or destroys their data, but when. The answer to this question is to have a business continuity plan in place that accounts for a ransomware or other cyberattack, allowing the organization to recover from the attack quickly, so that any disruption to their operations is minimal. Next year, expect to see organizations finally start working to ensure they have in place the business continuity processes and disaster recovery solutions they need to rapidly recover not just from natural disasters, but malicious cyberattack disasters as well - helping them transform ransomware attacks from three-car pileups into mere bumps in the road.

It Is a SaaS World -- We Are Just Living In It

  • While C-Suite executives increasingly see their organization's digital services as essential to their organization's success, most of them now also see purchasing and managing on-premises IT infrastructure and applications as non-revenue generating activities outside of their core competency. As a result, these days whether you are a CIO at a global financial firm, IT leader at a mid-size company, or just managing IT for a small business, chances are that you have or are trying to find a SaaS solution for Human Resources, Enterprise Resource Planning or other business applications that are not critical differentiators for your company. Expect to see strong growth continue for SaaS solutions - including data management - that can address general business needs, and free the solution's customers to focus on the digital services core to their business. 2021 will demonstrate once and for all that it is a SaaS world, and we are all just living in it.


About the Author

Ranga Rajagopalan 

Ranga manages end-to-end software design services for Commvault's suite of data management and data protection solutions, including Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery, Commvault HyperScale, Commvault Orchestrate and Commvault Activate. He has deep experience leading product management and engineering teams across the entire lifecycle of data protection and disaster recovery products. He has been leading the product teams through Commvault's ongoing transformation to hybrid cloud solutions, and is collaborating across Commvault to shape the future of its product strategy. Prior to joining Commvault, Ranga held multiple positions at Dell EMC, including managing business strategy, planning and operations for Dell EMC's Data Protection Division. He also led product management for Dell EMC's data protection appliances, including Data Domain and IDPA. Before Dell EMC, he worked at organizations including Veritas and HP.  

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