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VMblog Expert Interview: Tony Craythorne of Bamboo Systems Talks Funding, Patents, and What's Next in 2021

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Bamboo Systems is a provider of revolutionary Arm-based servers architected to meet the needs of today's software design and data center demands. We've spoken with them before, but the company recently announced a few new highlights around funding and patents granted, so VMblog reached back out to their CEO, Tony Craythorne, to find out the latest.

VMblog:  2020 was a challenging year for companies all over the globe.  How did Bamboo fare?

Tony Craythorne:  Thinking about the year as a whole, we feel that despite many challenges, 2020 turned out to be a successful year for Bamboo Systems. Like many other companies, we definitely had hurdles to overcome. The onset of the pandemic brought with it lockdowns that kept our engineers out of the labs for a while - hardware is difficult to work on at home - supply chain disruptions, market uncertainty, and even a couple COVID outbreaks among our staff.  Despite these unprecedented challenges, I'm extremely pleased to say we achieved almost all our goals for 2020.

VMblog:  That's great news, especially in such turbulent times for so many different categories of businesses.  Does anything particularly stand out as a success for Bamboo?

Craythorne:  There was a great deal of good in 2020 for Bamboo Systems.  I want to be sure to clearly state how grateful we have been to our investors, stakeholders and employees, because our success hinges on the support of everyone.

There were several notable highlights that mark our achievements for the year.  We announced our new line of Arm-based servers, the B1000N Series, in Q2, and with that came an incredible amount of attention and several awards and recognitions followed. Another great success for us was raising $7M USD in new funding for the company, led by our existing investors. This in turn has allowed us to expand our staff, primarily in R&D, and prepare for our go-to-market ramp up in 2021. We also secured a critical UK patent, and established an important strategic partnership with a US distributor.

VMblog:  Tell us more about the funding?  What does that signify for the company?

Craythorne:  First, we want to mention that our existing investors Seraphim Capital and Opea Holding led the funding round and really provided a morale boost by showing strong support for our company and reinforcing our vision.

Interest in Arm-based servers has never been higher. We really can see the growth trajectory of Arm technology in the data center taking off this year. With so many leading companies like AWS, Apple and Nvidia backing Arm initiatives, our investment community saw the opportunity to enhance support for our endeavors. 

VMblog:  And congratulations on the UK patent.  Can you tell us more about that?

Craythorne:  We're pleased and proud to have secured the patent from the UK Intellectual Property Office. Our patent is GB2574800 ‘A System and Method for Bridging Computer Resources'  and it allows different classes of data bridges between I/O resources while maintaining the compatibility of existing application interfaces. This means applications do not need to be rewritten to use vendor-specific hardware for a specific capability. It's important and valuable for Bamboo Systems to have intellectual property protection for our research and development and how it extends to our Arm-based server architecture.

VMblog:  You mentioned you achieved almost all your goals in 2020.  What didn't you achieve and how does that play into 2021 plans?

Craythorne:  The biggest impact the pandemic hurdles had was on our ability to finalize production for delivery of the B1000N Series systems.  When we announced in June, we thought we could still deliver late in the year, but it became clear that with the previously mentioned supply chain issues and interruptions of work, this was not going to be possible. We are now on track to start shipping in Q1 and have numerous clients, and channel and strategic partners waiting for delivery. We're now assessing how fast we can ramp up production based on the pent-up demand we're seeing. 

Overall, 2020 was a year to be proud of for us, and 2021 is looking even better. We think the alignment of Bamboo's launch into the marketplace with such a compelling solution is coinciding with an explosion of interest and demand for Arm-based offerings for the data center. We're poised to take advantage of this opportunity.


Published Wednesday, January 13, 2021 7:45 AM by David Marshall
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