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VMblog 2021 Industry Experts Video Predictions Series - Episode 7
As part of our annual predictions series for 2021, VMblog asked a number of different industry experts to share their thoughts about the new year. 

In episode 7, we hear from: David Friend, Co-Founder and CEO of Wasabi; Rick Taylor, President and CEO, Stacey Sujeebun, Director, Marketing Communications, Glenn Mathis, VP and GM, Global Client Services, Kevin Kern, SVP, Digital Transformation, and Nick Pegley, SVP, Solutions & Services of Konica Minolta; Perparim Bislimi, Customer Success Engineer at Login VSI; Tejas Gadhia, Evangelist, Zoho; and Gregg Apirian, VP Customer Experience and George Clopp, CTO of Korbyt.

Watch as these experts talk about their 2021 predictions and share their thoughts around the future of technology within the IT industry.

[0:34] - Watch as David Friend, Co-Founder and CEO of Wasabi shares his predictions for 2021. It's clear that 2020 has acted as the catalyst for businesses to fully embrace the cloud. So, Friend also shares four trends that he predicts we will see come to the forefront of the cloud technology market in this Wasabi Predictions article.

[3:37] - Listen as Rick Taylor, Stacey Sujeebun, Glenn Mathis, Kevin Kern, and Nick Pegley of Konica Minolta explore a number of technology predictions, the intelligent connected workplace, devices, IT security, securing data and applications and more.

[5:33] - Watch as Perparim Bislimi, Customer Success Engineer at Login VSI shares his predictions for 2021, talking about the rate of change in IT, working from anywhere, and more. Change is increasing, and automation the only way to deal with that.

[8:42] - Explore 2021 predictions with Tejas Gadhia, Evangelist at Zoho. There are four clear ways in which new work conditions spurred on by the pandemic will influence how and what developers across skill-levels build. AI, privacy regulation, low-code adoption for business users, and serverless solution growth will all be key factors for DevOps in 2021. Read the 2021 predictions from Tejas Gadhia to learn more.

[11:15] - Watch Gregg Apirian, VP Customer Experience and George Clopp, CTO of Korbyt share their predictions for 2021, as they discuss trends including targeting for internal communications. Most aren't doing this just yet.  

And don't forget, you can read hundreds of prediction articles for 2021 from various industry experts across the board.

Published Friday, January 29, 2021 4:10 PM by David Marshall
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