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Sumo Logic Expands Observability with Deeper Insights for Performance and Reliability of Microservices

Sumo Logic announced new updates to the Sumo Logic Observability Suite including Service Maps and Service Dashboards, the extension of its Root Cause Explorer solution to include Kubernetes metrics and tracing, expansion of its Global Intelligence Service for Kubernetes, as well as a new beta program for both AWS Lambda support and Browser Real User Monitoring. These additions allow DevOps and site reliability engineers (SREs) to get a holistic view of all microservices to identify and resolve issues faster.

As modern application stacks become increasingly complex and interconnected, it becomes more difficult for organizations to make connections between numerous applications to gain real, valuable insights into the performance of their microservices. However, now more than ever, end users expect real-time, always-on functionality of applications and services. Because of this, it is critical for digital businesses to effectively monitor and manage how applications across its technology stack's ecosystem are operating in relation to one another, so engineers can prioritize and troubleshoot any issues.

"Today's organizations need to have a deep understanding of not just which microservices work hand-in-hand, but also how they are supported by the application stack as a whole. When an application issue arises engineers must be able to understand the full failure chain that led to the alert at the drop of a hat, otherwise restoring the reliability of the application will take too long and the failure will likely recur," said Bruno Kurtic, Founding VP of Strategy and Solutions at Sumo Logic. "We are excited to further expand our observability suite with new features and functionality to help organizations get a snapshot of the holistic health of your microservices and ultimately achieve application reliability."

Introducing Sumo Logic Service Maps and Service Dashboards

Sumo Logic's Service Maps and Service Dashboards expands upon its Application Observability solution with an end-to-end service approach to monitoring, diagnosing, and troubleshooting modern applications by automatically detecting and visualizing service data from underlying application telemetry. This allows engineers to quickly detect anomalous events, determine timeline and scale of anomalies, and enable rapid root cause analysis through machine learning-aided technology. Service Maps are automatically built from tracing data, to provide a high-level view of any application's environment and gives SREs and DevOps engineers a greater understanding of application architecture and dependencies between monitored microservices - including those built on Kubernetes.

With Service Maps and Service Dashboards, organizations have access to a real-time view of the following:

  • Complete set of microservices, so engineers can break the silos and get a holistic view of the entire environment
  • Service load to better understand microservices behavior
  • Interactions between microservices, providing insight into their dependencies and relationships
  • Health of each of the microservices - either anomaly-based or threshold-based - so engineers can immediately discover potential problems and bottlenecks in the application infrastructure
  • Service KPIs automatically derived from trace data that provide insights into application service health

Root Cause Explorer Enhancements

Sumo Logic delivered new enhancements to its Root Cause Explorer solution that makes it easy to visualize anomalous events of interest across multiple AWS services to quickly identify the root cause of application incidents. Root Cause Explorer's expanded scope allows users to troubleshoot their application and infrastructure stack now including Kubernetes metrics, OpenTelemetry trace metrics, AWS X-Ray improvements, as well as AWS SNS and SQS.

Global Intelligence Service for Kubernetes for DevOps

Further expanding its Global Intelligence Service, the company launched Global Intelligence Service for Kubernetes. The new offering provides CPU and memory sizing recommendations for Kubernetes deployments to minimize cost and outage risk, leverage machine learning and statistical analysis to benchmark against the world's leading adopters of new technologies, modern architectures, and cloud infrastructures.

Beta of Lambda Support and Browser Real User Monitoring

Sumo Logic also announced today the beta of AWS Lambda support and Browser Real User Monitoring. The company has expanded visibility to Lambda for end-to-end tracing, now consuming data from AWS Lambda serverless functions using both OpenTelemetry and AWS X-Ray SDK instrumentations. Browser Real User Monitoring uses OpenTelemetry to track and visualize overall customer experience while interacting with applications in real time. These capabilities will be generally available later this year.

Published Thursday, March 04, 2021 10:38 AM by David Marshall
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