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Gigaom Triples Analyst Brain Trust

Gigaom announced significant analyst team growth, welcoming the smartest, most influential and insightful technology practitioners to join Gigaom's respected brain trust.

After a record year of growth in 2020, Gigaom has added over 25 new analysts to the team, and strengthened its position in cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity, enterprise IT, Artificial Intelligence and digital transformation, among other critical areas.  

"Our analyst team thinks practically about the future of the market, whereas other firms exist in maintenance mode, seemingly happier with the status quo, and that's a disservice to how quickly technology and businesses are now moving" said Ben Book, CEO, Gigaom. 

"We're driving a new generation of research which advises enterprises on the practical steps they can action right now to move at the speed of the market. That's what they need to survive and lead, and that's why we're ahead; traditional analyst models dictate that placing vendors into a rating system is enough to help businesses make decisions. That's no longer the case."

Michael Delzer, 15 years as America Airlines' Chief Infrastructure Architecture Engineer, who just joined Gigaom's analyst team, said, "The way vendors are compared is also a key differentiator, but it is not a race to the top right of a graph," he said "Gigaom's Radar reports allow the reader to determine what is important to them, where that is on the graphic, and look for the vendors in that area that meet their specific, not generic, needs."

Supporting analyst quotes

"I looked at where GigaOm is at and where it is going compared to other research vendors before I decided to join them," said Michael Delzer. "For me, a major issue is the democratization of knowledge and having research written by people who have used the technology, gives greater value to the readers. The extreme expense of Gartner and Forester limits the people who can directly search for research limited in companies to just a few people.  This creates an information gap in companies at a time where many companies are trying to empower employees to make choices, resulting in waste and increased employee stress. The remote workers ability to self-service their research needs is better enabled by GigaOm and the quality of the research and point of view is not a "Pay to Play" economic model nor is it an online poll with loose accountability of information." -- Michael Delzer, Gigaom expert and 15 years as America Airlines' Chief Infrastructure Architecture Engineer.

"Having been on both the vendor and customer side, I've had hundreds of interactions with analysts and for the most part they missed a critical nuance in the situation. GigaOm looks to practitioners to provide a nuanced view of the issue, one that better considers the customer needs. Being able to apply my experience and perspective to support the seats I've been in is the reason I am here." -- Howard Holton, Gigaom expert and currently Enterprise Architect at Rheem Manufacturing, also previous CTO at Hitachi Vantara.

"One of the key challenges for IT leaders in operational roles is delivering optimal technology solutions that both support business goals and provide value. In an increasingly complex market, technology and vendor selection takes valuable time and resources. The Gigaom model enables access to a wide range of succinct information, in an easy to digest format, that enables everyone to take action and rapidly deliver business value." -- Vince Sparks, Gigaom expert and 13 years at Eddie Stobart, leading European logistics haulier.

"Coming from the vendor side I had the opportunity to work with many analyst firms in the past.  Two things always stood out to me about Gigaom. First, they are very forward-thinking; their research is very focused on what is coming next in technology. Second, because Gigaom analysts are real-world practitioners the research doesn't just tell you where the industry is heading, it tells you how to get there." -- Jason Collier, Gigaom expert and Co-Founder of Scale Computing

"I am an engineer by training and always keen on learning about new technologies. I've been driving AI since 2014 and am amazed by what it can do. I have been impressed by the quality of research coming out of Gigaom, and that being an industry insider offers the strongest subject matter understanding." -- Anand Joshi, Gigaom expert and previous Principal Analyst at Tractica

Published Thursday, March 11, 2021 9:51 AM by David Marshall
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