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Previously Undetected Threats Identified in New Phishing Risk Assessment

You should know that phishing attacks frequently evade your email defenses. They are sitting in an estimated 20% of email boxes right now and can be extremely damaging.  

Phishing attacks are the number one cause of cybersecurity breach - growing 42% in 2020, according to new data in SlashNext's State of Phishing 2021 report. An average corporate breach costs organizations $2.8 million, making phishing an urgent issue. 

Surprisingly, many organizations do not view phishing as a concern, or they see it as an email only problem that the big brands handle. The truth is these systems are blind to the onslaught of phishing 2.0 threats, especially those driven by AI-driven attack payloads. Few use AI to detect the onslaught of phishing attacks. 

SlashNext, provider of real-time AI phishing defense services, today announced the launch of the cybersecurity industry's most accurate secure phishing risk assessment, helping enterprises discover the aggressive next-gen 2.0 phishing threats which current 1.0 anti-phishing defenses routinely fail to find. SlashNext's Phishing Risk Assessment, utilizes patented AI-based SEER  technology to detect and categorize zero-hour phishing threats with unmatched accuracy,  Dynamic run-time analysis using virtual browsers and machine learning detect and block unknown threats, offering a pathway to optimize enterprise protection against today's most virulent new cybersecurity threats. 

SlashNext's Phishing Risk Assessment is a free self-service assessment for both Microsoft 365 email and firewall/DNS/proxy logs, each providing a different view of what bypassed current email security and the users who participated in those phishing attacks. 

"The truth is that traditional systems - even from the big brand names - are blind to a huge number of phishing 2.0 threats, especially those driven by AI-driven attack payloads readily available online to bad actors," said Patrick Harr, CEO of SlashNext. "Our risk assessment discovers these threats and provides an actionable report for further remedial steps."  

The onboarding process is easy and straightforward: 

  • It takes only 2 minutes to initiate the phishing risk assessment.
  • It's safe and secure, using OAuth 2.0 to authorize the scan of Microsoft 365 inboxes.
  • For firewalls, proxies, DNS, and secure web gateways, logs are uploaded by a console to identify phishing webpages.
  • The assessment quantifies the number of phishing emails sitting in user inboxes and lists threats by category.
  • It also identifies high-risk users and easily deploys protection to target users.
  • Available for free for corporate use as well as partners to include in their security risk assessment service offerings.

There's an option to immediately remediate risks by deploying SlashNext Total Phishing Protection for complete protection from corporate credential theft, SMishing, BEC/financial fraud, supply chain attacks, ransomware, and data exfiltration across all communication channels. The assessment can also automatically delete links to the same or similar attacks from other devices within the enterprise. 

"SlashNext's Risk Assessment is an important tool for our customers to immediately understand the risks within their organization," said Nick Donarski, CTO or Atlantic IT Group. "The actionable report provides a roadmap to remediate threats that penetrated the current defenses and who participated in those phishing attacks. I encourage businesses to try the risk assessment and see the power of SlashNext for themselves, based on real data from their own network." 

Try the Phishing Risk Assessment and Test Drive the Full Service 
The Risk Assessment service is immediately available, free of charge, to enterprises of all sizes, and also through the Microsoft365 Azure Marketplace. Resellers can bundle the service with their own offerings as a value-add.  

SlashNext offers a free 14-day trial for companies that want to protect themselves today from phishing. For more information, please visit www.slashnext.comAvailable now through subscription and priced per app, per year. 

Published Thursday, March 25, 2021 11:03 AM by David Marshall
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