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VMblog Expert Interview: Instaclustr Talks Credativ Acquisition and What It Means

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Instaclustr, the provider of managed services and support around open source data-layer technologies like Apache Cassandra, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Redis and others, recently announced the acquisition of credativ, an international firm also focused on delivering open source software and consulting. To find out a bit more about why Instaclustr acquired credativ and what it means for new and existing customers, VMblog spoke with the CRO of Instaclustr, Steve Francis.

VMblog:  Why is Instaclustr acquiring credativ, and what is it gaining?

Steve Francis:  Instaclustr focuses on delivering enterprise-grade applications, at scale, through the advantages of pure open source data-layer technologies. No license fees, no lock-in, just pure open source data solutions, expertly managed and optimized for performance, cost, security, and more. As Instaclustr has grown since 2013, we've steadily added open source technologies into our platform and support offering, most recently with Managed Redis last year.

With credativ, we're now gaining deep expertise into relational open source technology - specifically with Postgres, MariaDB and MySQL. Credativ has a very similar vision to Instaclustr in that we are both committed to delivering enterprise-capable open source technology at the data layer. We have great alignment around technology, vision, and a customer-first mindset.

VMblog:  Instaclustr is known for offering data-layer technologies, like Apache Cassandra and Kafka, in their open source versions.  Does that strategy align with credativ's own data services and philosophy around open source?

Francis: Yes, very much so. Credativ rounds out our data capabilities very nicely because, while Instaclustr has always worked with NoSQL data technologies, the Credativ team brings expertise in relational technologies.

VMblog:  How will credativ be incorporated into Instaclustr?  Will it remain a separate entity or be fully absorbed into Instaclustr?

Francis:  Some of these details still need to be worked out, but one of the first areas of integration will be to make it simple for customers who want to consume services from both parts of the business. We want to ensure that the entire process, from purchasing to delivery, is seamless. It's also worth pointing out that we have no plans at all to either end or curtail any existing offerings from either company.

VMblog:  What does (and/or will) this acquisition mean for both existing and prospective customers of Instaclustr?  Do you see a significant expansion to the customer use cases that Instaclustr can now provide services/solutions around?

Francis: As a result of this acquisition, the combined entity will have greatly enhanced capabilities to deliver more strategy solutions around open source data-layer technologies delivered in their pure open source versions. Our ability to conduct entire data-layer modernization projects, or to offload significant portions of data-layer operations, becomes even greater following this acquisition.


Published Thursday, March 25, 2021 7:34 AM by David Marshall
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