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Syxsense Releases Virtual Machine Host Patching Job Template
Syxsense announced the availability of its Virtual Machine Host Patching template for Syxsense Secure customers. Following the release of the Covid Readiness template, these reusable Cortex Jobs identify and automate the most complex, time consuming and problem-riddled challenges to securing and managing IT environments.

VMs are seeing large scale adoption because virtualization reduces operating costs, minimizes downtime, and increases IT productivity and agility.  To secure your environment, every isolated software container or "VM guest" must be patched and monitored for security vulnerabilities, but what of the physical server that hosts each VM?

Syxsense Secure can easily setup recurring patching, security scanning, and maintenance of VMs, and more importantly, the new Virtual Machine Host Patching Template completely automates the safe, efficient updating of the host with minimal business interruption or manual intervention. Because of the complexities, many businesses neglect patching VM hosts, leaving gaps in security ready to be exploited.

The Virtual Machine Host Patching Template first evaluates devices to identify virtual hosts versus desktops, laptops, servers or VMs in an organization.  Once identified, a snapshot taken, and checkpoint established, each VM guest is safely shut down.  Additional checks for pending reboots or processes running on the host occurs.  This series of customizable Cortex Actions controls and validates each step.  Scans are executed on the host to identify software or security vulnerabilities.  By default, any critical software vulnerabilities will be patched, and alerts of security vulnerabilities, with remediation steps, will be sent to the security team. After each host is successfully patched, the guests are brought back online and verified.

Designed to leverage industry expertise, and be available for instant distribution, Cortex Jobs automate previously complex IT and security tasks with pre-created templates that control and monitor progress through a series of clear, concise steps to identify, evaluate and remediate problems.  The visual workflow designer may be used immediately as designed or customized to fit business priorities. A completely extensible and editable solution, modified Syxsense Cortex Jobs may be instantly shared and run from the cloud solution.

The Virtual Machine Host Patching Template is included with Syxsense Secure at no additional cost. Syxsense is offering free, fully-featured trials for up to 100 devices for 14 days. More information on the software and trial can be found here.

Published Friday, March 26, 2021 7:45 AM by David Marshall
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