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NetBrain Launches Multi-Cloud Support and New Low-code/No-code Tools to Spur Adoption of Automation for NetOps

NetBrain Technologies Inc. announced the availability of NetBrain v10.0, representing a breakthrough in end-to-end network automation for ensuring network and application uptime. With v10.0, NetBrain delivers advanced multi-cloud network support, no-code/low-code automation, enhanced incident collaboration, and intent-based automation at scale, for any network. 

Automation for network operations is a critical need for modern organizations, but there are many barriers to adoption. According to Cisco's 2020 Networking Trends Report, IT leaders believe that network automation will have the most impact on networking over the next five years. Yet even though 35 percent of network strategists see troubleshooting networking issues as the most resource-intensive and time-consuming activity for network operations today, more than 70 percent of network management is still done manually. 27 percent of IT leaders identified the lack of necessary skills as a key obstacle to transitioning to an advanced network. 

NetBrain v10.0 enhances the company's mission to democratize automation to support any network, for any problem, and for every person. By introducing new tools and enhancing existing automation capabilities, v10.0 makes it even easier for the entire team to develop advanced automation for troubleshooting, documentation, security, and compliance. New collaboration features accelerate knowledge sharing and help close the knowledge gap within both the network teams and IT teams in general.

"Our vision has always been to put the power of automation into the hands of as many people as possible," stated Lingping Gao, CEO and Founder, NetBrain. "With v10.0, we've significantly increased the ease and accessibility of creating automations that accelerate root cause diagnosis and ticket resolution no matter the network - traditional, SDN, public cloud, or hybrid. And, v10.0 enables collaboration across the entire IT organization - NetOps, SecOps, DevOps, etc. - to increase communication and help ensure your network stays up-and-running through changes and challenges."   

NetBrain v10.0 comprises innovations that accelerate customers' ability to scale automation for network operations to any network, person, and problem:

  • Multi-Cloud Support. NetBrain now offers native, robust support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure public cloud environments, allowing the two most common enterprise cloud networking platforms to be discovered, visualized, and operated in NetBrain on the same dynamic map as the rest of a customers' enterprise network infrastructure.
  • Intent-based automation (IBA): Network Intent is the first tool of its kind to document network intent for specific devices, predefining a baseline for normal behavior and automating verification for even the most complex network setups. Adaptive Monitoring proactively takes immediate actions on network anomalies by executing those predefined network intents, speeding up troubleshooting to determine root causes instead of symptoms. 
  • Incident-Based Collaboration. Network troubleshooting and remediation is a team sport. NetBrain v10.0 introduces a set of incident response tools, including the Incident Management Dashboard for real-time messaging and central problem visualization; the NetBrain Incident Portal for secure, cross-team collaboration (including non-NetBrain users), and SmartCLI for easy sharing of CLI diagnostics across the organization.
  • Low-code/No-code Automation. NetBrain is introducing multiple tools to democratize the development of automations for network operations. These include the Visual Parser guided wizard for isolating critical data variables to build diagnostic automations faster. 
  • Feature Intent Template. Automate the act of automating. The Feature Intent Template drives rapid and scalable automation development across the IT organization.

"As organizations around the globe embrace and accelerate their digital transformation efforts, the network infrastructure must provide for greater resiliency and dynamics in support of fast-moving and far-reaching business objectives." said Mark Leary, Research Director, Network Analytics - IDC. "Here, NetOps teams must deliver continuous availability and consistent services, while precisely managing changes, resources, and policies - no matter technology, supplier, on-premise system, public service, or business application. Improvements in network analytics and automation drive the visibility and control necessary for success in this digital era. NetBrain has embraced the realities of modern networking by bringing together analytics and automation, enhancing cloud services integration, and promoting ease-of-use and broader IT adoption of automation with NetBrain Version 10." 

NetBrain 10.0 is now generally available.
Published Wednesday, April 07, 2021 5:16 PM by David Marshall
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