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LogDNA Expands Template Library for NGINX and Kubernetes

LogDNA released new templates for DevOps teams using NGINX with Kubernetes. Configured specifically for the open source and NGINX Plus-based versions of NGINX Ingress Controller, these templates ensure that developers can use best practices to quickly gain visibility into their Kubernetes Ingress logs, allowing them to create an end-to-end view of their data across all systems for easier monitoring and troubleshooting.

Container orchestration with Kubernetes has exploded in popularity over the past several years with more than 80% of enterprises using it in production. An Ingress controller is one of the most important components of a production-grade Kubernetes deployment, and as the most widely used Ingress technology, NGINX provides developers with an easy-to-use and highly customizable solution. For these developers, LogDNA is a critical part of their observability stack, offering actionable visibility into Kubernetes clusters so that engineers aren't drowning in data that they can't use effectively.

"Kubernetes clusters produce a lot of data. This is good because more data means more visibility into the environment, but it's important that our customers have shortcuts to actionability that save them time," said Peter Cho, vice president of product, LogDNA. "The NGINX Ingress Controller template can be set up in minutes, making it easy for users to quickly gain value from our platform. They spend less time with manual configurations so they can get back to building features and products that benefit their businesses."

As technology partners, LogDNA and NGINX leveraged our respective expertise around Kubernetes to create a DevOps-focused logging template for NGINX Ingress Controller. The new template includes preconfigured Views, Boards, and Screens that help developers visualize web traffic, latency, and response codes coming from the NGINX Ingress Controller. NGINX users who are using NGINX as a web server can also leverage the Web Server template to quickly unlock insights and gain visibility into HTTP web servers via LogDNA with similar pre-configured Views, Boards, and Screens. Now, developers using NGINX can view logs from various sources-from the frontend to the backend-all in one platform.

LogDNA Template Library is a growing collection of Views, Boards, and Screens templates to simply install into a user's LogDNA account with just a few clicks. The library also includes web server templates for Apache, Heroku templates for Dynos and web apps, and Windows Security templates for events via NXLog. These make it easy for LogDNA customers to leverage best practices without having to fiddle with log line formats, manually configure alert conditions, or figure out which metrics to prioritize and plot. Templates also ensure that users get the maximum benefit from using multiple platforms together.

All templates in the Template Library are configurable after installation so it's easy to expand, alert on, and customize. Learn more about them here:

Published Wednesday, April 21, 2021 9:41 AM by David Marshall
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