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Memfault Now Available with Free Trial

Memfault launched a free self-service portal giving embedded developers instant access to Memfault across Android OS devices or ARM-based microcontroller devices running on bare metal or real-time operating systems (RTOS).

"Memfault delivered value instantly to our team," said Armen Nazarian, Founder and CEO at Audigo, developers of ultra-portable and easy to use content creation products for modern creators. "Memfault has given our start-up many of the same capabilities we had at Tesla with tools that would have taken us years to develop in-house. With Memfault, we went from having zero transparency into device health to getting detailed crash reports across all our products. Integrating Memfault was seamless, and the ability to quickly diagnose issues remotely and then push fixes instantly makes the platform an easy choice."

Memfault's cloud-based device observability platform reduces engineering and support overhead by bringing the speed and agility of software development processes to device development. Customers like Logitech, Verkada, Whoop, and Airthings use Memfault to deploy OTA updates, automatically capture and remotely debug issues, and continuously monitor fleets of connected devices at scale. 

"If tracking down and fixing challenging firmware bugs and pushing OTA updates isn't complicated enough, embedded engineers have, until now, been burdened with passive, costly, and inefficient debug processes," said Chris Coleman, CTO at Memfault. "Our self-service solution puts these capabilities at the fingertips of embedded developers; just click in and get going. Now development teams can deliver high-quality devices, get them to market faster, and manage connected devices with continuous updates and debugging without any impact on the end user."

Using the Memfault self-service portal, embedded developers can simply visit and complete a quick trial account sign-up without providing any credit card. Since all Memfault SDKs are freely available on GitHub, developers can immediately begin integration and development testing on their Android or microcontroller-based devices. 

Memfault was founded by the creators of Interrupt, the popular community and blog for embedded software engineers. Drawing from years of experience at Pebble, Oculus, and Fitbit, Memfault has created a new infrastructure to give device developers access to the same tools software developers have used for years.

With Memfault's self-service portal, users get free access to the entire, full-featured Memfault platform with no limitations: 

  • Device monitoring: Memfault offers real-time reports on device check-ins and notifications of unexpected inactivity. Teams can view device and fleet health data like battery life, connectivity state, and memory usage or track release adoption and issues all from a single console using Memfault's dashboards.
  • Remote debugging: By aggregating issues across software releases and hardware revisions, Memfault can determine which devices are impacted and what stack they're running. Teams can inspect backtraces, variables, and registers when encountering an error.
  • OTA updates: Teams can deliver updates to specific devices at specific times. By controlling the timing of OTA updates, teams can schedule updates when users are least impacted. Devices can also be split into cohorts for targeted updates, and rollouts can be released in stages to limit fleet-wide issues from new updated versions.
Published Thursday, April 29, 2021 11:35 AM by David Marshall
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