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Rapid Cloud Adoption: Is It the Best Option for Your Company?


By Shannon Flynn

The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred a trend of rapid cloud adoption. Cloud spending grew 37% in Q1 of 2020 alone as businesses shifted to remote work. If your company hasn't made the leap to the cloud yet, you likely face increasing pressure to do so.

The benefits of cloud computing are too substantial to ignore. Enabling remote work and improving collaboration is almost a necessity in today's workplaces. Most experts would agree that the cloud is the way forward, but how quickly you should transition remains a question.

The move to the cloud is inevitable, but should you shift all at once? Here are some factors to keep in mind.

How Rapid Cloud Adoption Benefits Businesses

According to a survey from Accenture, 79% of cloud adopters see cost savings, often through reduced infrastructure expenses. Given the financial pressures of the pandemic, this transition makes sense.

Many businesses face closures or restrictions, and average PPP loans have dropped from $206k to $79k between rounds. Rapid cloud adoption can help mitigate costs quickly. Transitioning everything at once lets companies experience the economic benefits of the cloud sooner, easing the impact of recent economic challenges.

Moving everything to the cloud early may also help prepare for post-pandemic recovery. Many cloud service providers now offer containerization, which would enable businesses to create, deploy and scale applications faster. That speed and scalability, in turn, enhance customer experience, fostering growth in the post-COVID economy.

You can achieve both of these benefits with slow cloud adoption, too, but results will likewise be slower. Given the pressures businesses now face and the possibility of highly competitive post-COVID markets, rapid cloud adoption is an enticing prospect. If they embrace the cloud fully now, they could see quicker results and get ahead of the competition.

Lingering Concerns

Of course, there are still some concerns surrounding rapid cloud adoption as well. Most notably, moving too quickly without adequate preparation can create security risks. At the onset of the pandemic, many businesses turned to the cloud reactively, without considering its unique security needs, leading to vulnerabilities.

A 2020 survey found that 82% of public cloud adopters said their traditional security didn't work to secure their cloud deployments. Had these businesses taken a slower approach to adoption, they might have recognized these shortcomings before they threatened more of their systems.

The same survey revealed that misconfiguration was the leading security threat for cloud adopters. When companies transition too quickly, they're more likely to set up assets incorrectly. This issue isn't necessarily an inherent problem with cloud computing but one of rushed implementation.

Apart from security issues, rapid cloud adoption could cause disruptions in your workflows. A slower transition helps employees get used to new systems and workflows, minimizing errors.

None of these issues are unavoidable. Depending on your staff's technical expertise, the IT department's size and how thorough your planning is, these may not be relevant problems.

Is Rapid Cloud Adoption Right for You?

Whether rapid cloud adoption is a wise business decision depends on your specific situation. If you have the resources and expertise to enable a smooth, quick transition, it can bring almost immediate benefits. If you have less experience in cloud security, a less tech-savvy workforce or systems that would be complicated to move, a slower transition may be better.

Cloud computing is here to stay. If you haven't already, your business will likely have to move to the cloud eventually. How fast you should make that shift depends on your readiness.


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Shannon Flynn 

Shannon Flynn is a tech writer who covers topics like cloud computing, business technology, and data. You can find her work on Hackernoon, Cybint Solutions, Irish Tech News, and Visit ReHack for other trending tech topics covered by Shannon.
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