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Render Releases Enterprise Features As 100,000s of Services Are Created on Its Zero DevOps Cloud
Render, the Zero DevOps Cloud, announced the general availability of autoscaling, the #1 requested feature from customers. Autoscaling offers the ability to automatically scale applications in response to varying workload levels and traffic so that customers can increase their services' reliability and uptime and improve the overall end user experience while keeping costs in check.

Today Render also announced the general availability of read replicas which allow customers with heavy database or analytics usage to offload processing to a fully-managed real-time replica of their primary database, keeping their primary database responsive at all times.

Render founder and CEO Anurag Goel said: "Developers have now created hundreds of thousands of services on Render, more than doubling in the last 6 months. The rapid adoption of our platform continues to inspire us to bring state-of-the-art features to our customers without any additional engineering investment on their part. Ultimately, features like autoscaling and read replicas help developers improve application reliability, control cloud costs and increase shipping velocity, delivering significantly better products to their users."

Render offers an innovative public cloud alternative that developers love; it gives them the best of both worlds: instant setup and incredible ease of use, coupled with the power and flexibility previously afforded only by large cloud providers. It does this by offering an intuitive hosting platform that requires zero knowledge of servers and infrastructure and combining it with powerful containerization technology which enables customization, cost reduction and reliability at scale.

Autoscaling can be used for any web service, private service or task processor running on the platform and features a built-in, convenient dashboard to configure and view autoscaling events and workload performance. Render is the first platform-as-a-service to offer native autoscaling based on CPU and memory usage. Unlike platforms that restrict autoscaling to expensive enterprise plans, autoscaling is available to all Render customers at no cost; Render only charges for actual compute usage, prorated by the second. 

Marc Köhlbrugge, founder of BetaList and Startup Jobs, said: "Autoscaling on Render is so much better than anything I've used before; we moved multiple services to Render from Heroku where autoscaling is only available on more expensive plans, and relies on application response times. This can often make things worse when the performance bottleneck is outside the application, for instance in the database. Render looks at real time CPU and memory consumption for my services so I'm able to use it for background workers in addition to web apps and keep costs in check across all my services."

Autoscaling on Render is based on precise real-time compute and memory usage instead of metrics like application response times which are often inaccurate approximations of actual resource consumption. This doesn't just make Render autoscaling significantly more responsive and effective; it also enables use cases unsupported by other Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) providers. These include autoscaling for applications with a wide variance in response times, or for applications that don't serve HTTP traffic but still need to scale based on load, like asynchronous queue processing tasks.

Read Replicas
Read replicas for PostgreSQL offer enhanced performance and resilience to customers using Render's fully managed PostgreSQL databases. With read replicas, users can create a read-only copy of their production database with the click of a button, and Render automatically keeps the copy in sync with the primary database at all times. Customers can use read replicas to perform business critical functions such as data analysis, reporting, migrations, and upgrades seamlessly and without impacting the performance or availability of their production database.

Published Thursday, June 17, 2021 11:56 AM by David Marshall
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