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How to Improve the Management of Files on Your Mac?


People use computers for their work, entertainment, communication, shopping, and other activities. MacBook users also rely on the storage of the computer to keep their files and documents like photos, videos, work content, movies, etc.

If you keep adding data to your computer storage without cleaning and organizing it regularly, you might end up with disk space problems. Excessive photos, videos, outdated apps, old documents, and other things can clutter your device and make it slower or get affected by viruses.

To stop such a problem, you need to keep the computer clean and organize your files and folders regularly. Here are some of the main tips you can follow for doing so.

Recover Overwritten Files

Overwriting a needed file in a hurry and deleting the file is a common mistake by many busy people. Nonetheless, if you are a MacBook user, you can recover your overwritten file. On Mac, the old file still exists someplace, and you can find it using a few simple tools. Time Machine is a Mac feature that you can use to retract the old file.

However, the feature has to be active when you overwrite the file to get it back. All you have to do is go to the Finder and look for the folder where the old file was situated. Then, you need to select the option Enter Time Machine, and there, you can scroll up using the up arrow key to locate the time you replaced it.

Now, you can click on the Restore option to keep the old file or the new file, or both. This process is the way to recover an overwritten file on mac.

Find and Clear or Merge Duplicate Files

You might be surprised if you knew how much space can get occupied by duplicate files, be it the files you have saved twice or the duplicate files getting downloaded more than once. A good way to remove the same content is to install an app for doing it instead of getting it done manually.

Duplicate Detective, Duplicated Cleaner are some of the apps which you can use for the said task. You can go to the uninstaller section of the apps and remove the content you want to delete using the click of a button.

If you have two folders that have the same name, you might merge them yourself. You need to choose the folder and cut or copy and paste the folder's contents in a singular one. It is how you can get duplicate files cleaned and organized.

Protect Your Files from Malware


At times, your computer gets full of outdated files and malware. You need to remove these to eat up your storage and cause your Mac to get infected. You can install an app that will help you to remove the malware. You can use apps like CleanMyMac X to do the task.

You have to go to the Uninstaller part of the app and remove the apps from there. Select the apps and files you want to remove and click on the button to remove them. This way, you can manage your files and remove malware on the Mac you use.

Clear Scattered Files and Make Folders

When you download a file, it gets saved in the downloads by default. However, many people choose to save files on the desktop, resulting in an unclear and unorganized computer. Thus, you should not save files on the desktop. Instead, you can try making folders for each type of file or get rid of downloaded data you no longer need.

For instance, keeping your photos together under separate subfolders inside a single folder named photos can help you organize the Mac and make it easier to find the files. You might keep all the movies together and all your work files in the same place.

Organize New Files


Do not keep a file in the place it got downloaded or received. You might try to organize the files the moment you receive them. It can help you in keeping the Mac clean and safe. Keep the new songs you download in the folders for songs and new videos for the folder for that.

Keeping the files organized instantly makes it easier for you to search for them when you need them and is quicker than organizing them all at once. This way, it might get easier for you to keep the device you use organized. Hazel is a great app for doing so. It helps you with monitoring and sorting the files automatically on your computer.

Final Words

Using a cluttered Mac can be a challenge. Thus, you can organize and clean your device by using these easy tips. It can help you in getting a cleaner and more smooth device to work on.


Published Friday, June 25, 2021 10:20 AM by David Marshall
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