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Vertis Launches With Industry-First Data Science Solution to Optimize Critical Workforce and Workplace Strategies and Decisions

Today, a new company called "Vertis" came out of stealth and heralded the general availability of its Vertis Market Intelligence Platform.

Vertis says its new platform provides dynamic insights to executive, HR, and real estate leaders by leveraging billions of data points and proprietary data science. The data accessible through the Vertis Market Intelligence Platform allows business leaders at high-growth enterprise companies to make quick, actionable decisions about real estate, talent, and workforce expansion.

In an interview today, Dave Withers, Vertis' CEO and co-founder, explained to VMblog that without Vertis' instant recommendations and creative trendspotting, enterprises wind up having to spend millions of dollars on special consultancy projects that take a long time to complete. And when they do get the reports, they end up with static, outdated information that's missing important context.

"We're excited to officially introduce the Vertis Market Intelligence Platform, which enables our customers to bring actionable data to some of the most critical and consequential decisions they make," said Withers.

Besides Withers, who has had several successful exits and held senior positions at EMC and Dell post acquisitions, the company was founded in June 2020 by other serial entrepreneurs and data science experts. Vertis's co-founders include:

  • Sam Hocking, President and CRO, a serial fintech/proptech entrepreneur who held senior executive leadership positions at BNP Paribas, Bank of America, and others.
  • Gordy Holterman, Chief Strategy Officer, a former hedge fund manager and former senior executive at Wells Fargo.

Vertis also has a team of advisors who hail from real estate, workforce and data-related industries like DataDog, Microsoft, Irvine Company and Colliers. You can see everyone involved on the company page.

The company has launched with several customers including Okta, the identity provider which employs more than 3,000 people in the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Okta deployed the Vertis Market Intelligence Platform to support "blue-sky thinking about requirements affecting the work/life balance of potential recruits, and their propensity to relocate."

"We are a software company, and our greatest assets are our employees," said Armen Vartanian, SVP, Global Workplace Services at Okta. "The pandemic dramatically impacted people's lifestyles, work, and transport preferences. We leveraged Vertis's data insights to ensure we had the right workforce and workplace strategies to support our aggressive growth targets."

The Vertis Market Intelligence Platform is available on an annual subscription basis. It comes with capabilities such as:

  • Access to rich data sources - The platform harnesses data from public and private sources and applies advanced data science techniques to facilitate real-time talent and location decisions.
  • Insights to accelerate action - The platform brings clarity in minutes, not months. Organizations receive dynamic scoring that guides execution of investments in talent, facilities, and other corporate assets.
  • Innovation for competitive advantage - The platform helps organizations recruit and build teams that align with their business goals. Accurate, comprehensive data coupled with predictive intelligence enables Vertis customers to get out ahead of competitors, while lowering risks to strategic investments.

Richard Duff, Director of Real Estate and Workplace Services at Better, which is another Vertis customer said, "The better informed we can be as a company, the more competitive advantages we have in the market."

He went on to say, "The Vertis solution helps Better analyze information in a timely manner. One of the results has been an improvement in our decision-making framework at Better. Our discussions are driven by empirical data and analysis, rather than hunches and opinions. The data visualization provided by the Vertis solution has helped Better share informed results more effectively with decision makers."

Vertis said its SaaS platform requires no up-front consulting fee or data science expertise.

According to the co-founder Sam Hocking, "With Vertis powering their market intelligence, enterprise leaders can see holistic trends impacting their business up to the very minute they need them, and make critical investment choices with clarity and conviction, which they've never had before."

More information about Vertis is available at

Published Thursday, July 15, 2021 10:39 AM by David Marshall
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