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VMblog Expert Interview: How You Can Prepare for Ransomware Recovery and Keep Score


HYCU, Inc. a pioneering enterprise software company specializing in multi-cloud data backup and recovery as a service has focused since its founding on delivering true SaaS-based data backup to both on-premises and cloud-native environments. The company provides award-winning data protection, migration, and disaster recovery as a service solution to more than 2,700 companies worldwide. Headquartered in Boston, Mass., the company secured an $87.5M Series A funding round by Bain Capital Ventures and Acrew Capital.

Today, HYCU with support from leading security, managed service providers and Government IT solutions providers announced a free, public service to help companies measure and prepare in the event of a ransomware attack. VMblog spoke with VP Products Subbiah Sundaram on what the free service is designed to do, how it works, and how companies can determine what their ransomware recovery score is.

VMblog:  HYCU has been focusing on multi-cloud data protection for a while now, where does ransomware recovery fit?

Subbiah Sundaram:  You can't read a news site, including VMblog without seeing one, or more stories or articles sharing some news related to a ransomware attack. It could be about the latest company that was attacked, a vendor offering a solution to prevent it or insight or perspective into what the latest attack does. What has been missing from the conversation recently is what goes into recovery. As tired a cliché as it is, it is simply a matter of when, not if, a company will be faced with a ransomware recovery event. In those situations, many teams work together to figure out how to resolve the issue, how long IT and systems will be down in the process and how to prevent it from happening again in future. We've been working closely with customers, many of whom sadly we have helped recover from a ransomware attack, along with several companies and organizations in the industry spanning academia, cybersecurity, consulting, IT services and government and healthcare to develop a way to help companies better understand how to recover in the event of an inevitable ransomware attack. Along with our partners, this public service initiative is called R-Score. We're proud to be joined by FireEye Mandiant, Carahsoft and SADA to offer R-Score at

VMblog:  How does R-Score work and what goes into determining what your ransomware recovery score is?

Sundaram:  To get your R-Score is pretty easy. It's available on and takes less than five minutes on average to run through five key categories and a series of questions. The questions were set up to provide a level of detail on what an organization is currently doing around five key categories. Those categories are:

  • Backup Process
  • Backup Infrastructure
  • Security and Networking
  • Restore Processes, and
  • Disaster Recovery

Weighting is assigned to each category, and based on an individual's response, after they have completed the survey, they will receive an R-Score. To be clear, they won't just get an R-Score, they will receive initial suggestions on recommendations, based on their answers, on what they could be doing to improve their overall score. However, as we know, there is so much more information that can help determine how to be best prepared to address ransomware. For that reason, we provide a more detailed free consult with a HYCU/partner ransomware recovery expert. Both the initial R-Score and follow-on consultation are free and come with no strings attached. That was extremely important for us. And it is worth noting, that we do not capture and store customer data as part of the R-Score determination. Anyone can take the R-Score, determine if what they are doing is good, or good enough, and receive both a score and recommendations on things to consider. In order to do the 1:1 consultation, we have to have a way for our experts to schedule time.

VMblog:  What partners are joining HYCU for R-Score, will you be looking for others?

Sundaram:  We helped to create R-Score both as a public service but also as an industry call to do more about preparing for a ransomware recovery event. We have been thrilled by the reception to R-Score to date. We couldn't agree more with Kevin Mandia, CEO at FireEye Mandiant, who is one of the partners we are proud to work with when he says, "Ransomware has reached intolerable levels and is a risk that every company needs to address." The work we have been doing with all the partners and feedback from customers alike has reinforced that we're doing something the industry needs. Tony Safoian, CEO at SADA, summed it up well, "R-Score is bringing the best and brightest minds together across the industry to help educate, manage and ready companies in the inevitability of an attack." Lastly, another Carahsoft is another partner we're proud to work with. As a Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider, they support an ecosystem of 200+ cybersecurity and data protection vendors. Their CEO Craig Abod mentioned that, "an agency's ability to recover should a ransomware attack happen is often left under-addressed or untested." He felt the work with HYCU, and our other partners would help government agencies further develop their security and data protection strategies. In many respects we feel we are just getting started and we are looking forward to continuing to grow support for R-Score.

VMblog:  How can someone learn more about determining their ransomware recovery score?

Sundaram:  Anyone who is interested can access the R-Score survey on It's easy and takes less than 5 minutes on average. Once someone has taken the survey, they will receive a score. They will also be able to see not only the score but suggestions and recommendations on what they could do to improve their score. They will also be able to schedule a 1:1 session to learn more about what goes into determining the ransomware score and there is a more detailed series of questions along with more information on why doing certain things help to improve someone's score. The 1:1 session is more involved, but like the initial survey, this is a free service that we are offering along with the supporting partners.


Subbiah Sundaram, VP Products, HYCU, Inc.

Subbiah spearheads product management at HYCU. He has been instrumental in enabling the company to deliver HYCU Protégé along with the best-in-class multi-cloud solutions for Nutanix, Google Cloud and Azure. Prior to joining HYCU, Subbiah held senior executive positions at BMC, CA, DataGravity, EMC, NetApp and Veritas and has extensive experience in product development, planning and strategy. He holds a MS in Computer Engineering from the University of Iowa and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

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