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VMblog Expert Interview: Liquidware Explores Self-Contained Application Layers with New FlexApp One

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Liquidware, a leading digital workspace management solution provider, just announced an addition to its award winning FlexApp application layering solution, FlexApp One.  To find out more, VMblog spoke with Jason Smith, VP of Alliances and Product Marketing at Liquidware.

VMblog:  Can you start things off by giving us a quick explanation of your latest announcement?

Jason Smith:  Sure, we're very excited to announce the FlexApp One feature set within FlexApp that enables virtually any Windows application to be self-contained in a single file and easily distributed to any Windows workspace, that can also run offline on laptops and PCs. The new self-contained format of FlexApp One enables it to be managed by mainstream application deployment solutions such as Microsoft Endpoint Manager - all while keeping base images clean and avoiding the usual degradation of Windows performance over time. The containerized nature of FlexApp One apps also enable them to be shared via cloud-based platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint, Amazon WorkDocs, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and

To learn more, watch this intro 11-minute video here:

VMblog:  The new FlexApp One feature looks like another industry game-changer from Liquidware, what are the main use cases for it?

Smith:  Liquidware continues our application layering innovation by consistently delivering industry-leading features that benefit our enterprise customers and FlexApp One just adds to that promise. Customers that have ProfileUnity with FlexApp can continue to use the ProfileUnity console for package distribution; however, FlexApp One packages can also be distributed with solutions such as Microsoft Endpoint Manager. This new feature is a great addition to Work From Anywhere (WFA) requirements.

The table below shows when to use FlexApp or FlexApp One:


VMblog:  When you say FlexApp packages can go offline, what do you mean?

Smith:  This is something that the community has long been asking for, as there are situations where an Internet connection is not always available. FlexApp One enables virtually any Windows application to be self-contained in a single file and, as long as the laptop or PC is a well managed one, offline accessibility is available. This is a critical requirement in the era of WFA. Just for clarification, by "well managed" we mean unencumbered from practices of users constantly installing and uninstalling apps traditionally, which can naturally degrade Windows performance over time.

VMblog:  And what's the meaning behind the name?

Smith:  "FlexApp" really defines our entire solution, Flexible Applications for Windows enterprises. Base images are kept clean, apps can be layered based on any point of boot or login, with over 90 percent of applications can be delivered this way. We saw "One" as the easiest way to describe the concept of self-sufficient FlexApp containers. Everything needed is in one executable version of your app when it is a FlexApp One application; there are no app players or heavy agents needed on the endpoint.

VMblog:  How does FlexApp with the new FlexApp One feature compare to other app layering solutions on the market?

Smith:  WhatMatrix - an industry tech analysis site - has placed FlexApp in the number position since they first introduced an Application Layering category. This new feature just keeps us way ahead of the competition!

VMblog:  How do VMblog readers get to try FlexApp for themselves?

Smith:  Liquidware includes an evaluation license that can be used for 15 days. Existing FlexApp customers on maintenance are eligible for an additional FlexApp One license key. For now, everything needed for the FlexApp One feature, including the software required and Documentation, can be downloaded from this page FlexApp One will be fully integrated in ProfileUnity with FlexApp v6.8.5 early next year.


Published Thursday, September 02, 2021 7:31 AM by David Marshall
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