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KubeCon 2021 Q&A: Pure Storage Showcases Portworx, Its Complete Kubernetes Data Services Platform


KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2021.  Will you be in attendance?  If so, VMblog invites you to swing by and check out the Pure Storage booth in the sponsor showcase.

Read this exclusive KubeCon pre-show interview between VMblog and Michael Ferranti, VP of Product and Corporate Marketing, Portworx by Pure Storage.  Pure Storage is the IT pioneer that delivers storage as-a-service in a multi-cloud world.  And Portworx, which was acquired by Pure Storage in October 2020, is the container storage company enterprises rely on to manage mission critical data services in containers.  It enables data availability, data security, backup and disaster recovery for Kubernetes-based applications running on-prem or across clouds.

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VMblog: Your company is sponsoring this year's KubeCon event.  Can you talk about what that sponsorship looks like?

Michael Ferranti:  Of course! Pure Storage is a Platinum sponsor at this year's KubeCon event. We will be at booth #P12 on the show floor, however, attendees can also visit our virtual booth here. Any registered attendees can visit our booth to learn about the latest and greatest for all things Portworx by Pure Storage, chat with our experts, and more.

VMblog:  And do you have any speaking sessions during the event? If so, can you give us the details?

Ferranti:  We have several speaking sessions at this year's Kubecon North America event. We're excited to invite attendees to attend the following speaking and demo sessions, including:

  • All Things Data and Storage - Bhavin Shah, Pure Storage and panelists from companies including MinIO, HPE, Veeam and NetApp: Tuesday, October 12 at 4:05pm PT. Register here.
  • Intro to KubeEdge: Kubernetes Native Edge Computing Framework - Kevin Wang (Zefeng), Huawei & Yin Ding, Pure Storage: Friday, October 15 at 11:55am PT. Register here.
  • Architecting Disaster Recovery Solutions for Kubernetes clusters - Ryan Wallner and Bhavin Shah, Pure Storage - Online Session for CNDM Youtube channel
  • GitOps based capacity management for Kubernetes clusters - Ryan Wallner and Bhavin Shah, Pure Storage: Online/On-Demand Session via CNDM Youtube.
  • Data Services as a Service on Kubernetes - Ryan Wallner and Bhavin Shah, Pure Storage: Online/On-Demand Session via CNDM Youtube.
  • Designing application migration solutions between different clouds - Ryan Wallner and Bhavin Shah, Pure Storage: Online/On-Demand Session via CNDM Youtube.
  • Securing your Stateful workloads with encryption, audit, authentication, authorization and ownership - Ryan Wallner and Bhavin Shah, Pure Storage: Online/On-Demand Session via CNDM Youtube.

VMblog: What do you attribute to the success and growth of this industry and KubeCon?

Ferranti:  Kubernetes directly contributes to the most important thing any company needs to do to be successful: develop software quickly and get it into the hands of users. Because Kubernetes makes it easier to build, ship, and run applications, more and more companies are using it and those people need a rewarding and effective way to learn. Enter KubeCon! We are really excited to be presenting so many awesome sessions, and to learn some new things ourselves.

VMblog: How does your company or product fit within the container, cloud, Kubernetes ecosystem?

Ferranti:  By 2025, 40% of infrastructure and operations leaders will implement hybrid cloud storage architectures, up from 15% in 2021, according to Gartner.  They are using Kubernetes to do it. As customers adopt hybrid cloud strategies, they need a consistent environment to run their modern applications. They need the same level of storage and secure data management capabilities, regardless of if they are in the cloud, or on-premises. Portworx by Pure Storage was built to meet these unique needs. The world's most sophisticated users of Kubernetes and containers including T-Mobile, Roblox, and KPN run Portworx with their choice of Kubernetes/container management distribution and their choice of storage infrastructure to build a cloud services platform for their end users at a rapidly increasing scale.

VMblog: Can you give us the high-level rundown of your company's technology offerings? Explain to readers who you are, what you do, what problems you solve, etc.

Ferranti:  Containers and Kubernetes are continuing to play a huge role in today's era of digital transformation that accelerated when the pandemic began. Increasingly mission critical applications such as databases are managed using Kubernetes in order to increase business agility and application resilience. The business results of doing so are astronomical - apps are delivered faster, scale easier, enjoy greater security and, often, do so at reduced cost. But the transition to new application management patterns is not easy. Enterprises face challenges meeting business requirements like data protection, mobility and security, with common solutions such as vendor support proving costly when many different data services are involved.

Enter Portworx. Portworx helps enterprises solve the inherent challenges around data protection, mobility, capacity management and support that come with enterprise applications. It's the Kubernetes Data Services Platform enterprises trust to run mission-critical applications in containers in production. Only Portworx provides a fully integrated solution for persistent storage, data protection, disaster recovery, data security, cross-cloud and data migrations, and automated capacity management for applications running on Kubernetes.

VMblog: Where can organizations learn more about your offerings?

Ferranti:  To learn more about Portworx and its unique solutions for Kubernetes, readers can visit:

VMblog: If an attendee likes what they see and hear at your booth, what message about your product can you send them back with to sell their boss on your technology?

Ferranti:  Portworx is the most complete Kubernetes data services platform in the market. We provide enterprises a fully integrated solution for persistent storage, data protection, disaster recovery, data security, cross-cloud and data migrations, and automated capacity management for applications running on Kubernetes. As a result, Portworx is the #1 most used Kubernetes data services platform by Global 2000 companies, including Carrefour, Comcast, GE Digital, Kroger, Lufthansa, and T-Mobile.

VMblog: Normally at the KubeCon event, sponsors are showcasing new products or new product updates and features for the first time.  Do you have anything new that you've either recently announced or plan to discuss in more detail at the event? Can we get a sneak peek?

Ferranti:  Stay tuned for an announcement from Portworx by Pure Storage on October 12! You can check out our most recent press releases here. Most recently, in September 2021, we announced Portworx Data Services (PDS), the industry's first Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) Platform for Kubernetes.

VMblog: At what stage do you feel we are at with regard to containers?  Is there anything still holding it back?  Or keeping it from a wider distribution?

Ferranti:  We are in the early majority. Companies see the value, yet they want more complete and easy to use solutions. They don't want to figure it out themselves, but instead they want to experience the real benefits. That's where solutions like our new Database as-a-service platform, PDS, comes in. It's a managed SaaS experience that gives customers the benefit of running data services on Kubernetes, without any of the complexity.

VMblog: There will be plenty of interesting topics covered during the KubeCon keynotes and breakout sessions.  But can you take this opportunity to share your own thoughts about any big changes or directions you see for this industry?

Ferranti:  The biggest thing that I will be looking out for at this year's KubeCon is how the industry can make Kubernetes less complex for customers. I'll be interested to see how this industry can give customers the benefits of Kubernetes, without them having to be experts. The truth is, we need to make things simpler, not more complex.   


Published Thursday, October 07, 2021 7:33 AM by David Marshall
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