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Backblaze Brings Connected Container Management via Cycle

Backblaze, Inc. announced a new partnership enabling companies that utilize containers to seamlessly automate and control stateful data across multiple providers-all from one dashboard.

The partnership with Cycle-a managed container orchestration platform-empowers developers and others managing applications to easily deploy and maintain robust infrastructure without dependence on monolithic cloud ecosystems like Amazon, Google, or Microsoft. 

In practical terms, the partnership means developers can:  

  • Easily deploy containers without dealing with complex solutions like Kubernetes
  • Unify their application management, including automating or scheduling backups via an API-connected portal
  • Choose the microservices and technologies they need without compromise on functionality

The Backblaze B2 and Cycle services can additionally be combined with the elastic compute services offered by hyperscale cloud compute provider Vultr (another alliance partner of Backblaze) to serve use cases that previously relied upon Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) and Elastic Block Storage (EBS). 

"Containers are the modern standard for building, deploying, and scaling software with portability and efficiency," said Nilay Patel, VP of Sales and Partnerships at Backblaze. "Backblaze and Cycle together offer meaningful flexibility and lowered costs true to the containerization model."

Cycle's automatic platform updates, easy-to-use interface, full-featured API, and other automation features have led to incredible customer satisfaction and retention. As opposed to other container orchestration approaches, they offer developers and organizations a way of maintaining ownership over their infrastructure and data without needing to manually install updates, apply security patches, and more. And the integration with B2 Cloud Storage gives teams full control to automate their container backups without having to leave the Cycle platform.

"For many, the adoption of containers has unfortunately led to an ever-growing stack of technical debt and responsibilities for teams to manage," said Jake Warner, CEO at Cycle. "This new partnership ultimately makes it all the easier for companies to avoid overkill solutions and simply run their business with a unified, containerized approach."

You can use Backblaze with Cycle today.
Published Thursday, October 14, 2021 10:50 AM by David Marshall
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