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ACE Cloud Hosting 2022 Predictions: Top 7 Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Providers List 2022

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Top 7 Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Providers List 2022

By Yuvraj Jain

With major cloud computing events, such as International Data Center Conference (IDCC), White Label IT Expo, and many others coming up in the next few months, we decided it was time to look at the top 7 DaaS providers of 2022. I know what you're thinking: "What is DaaS?" Well, I'm glad you asked. DaaS stands for Desktop-as-a-Service. Simply put, it's a cloud computing platform that provides users with access to a fully functional desktop environment. It's pretty sweet, especially for those who are not super tech-savvy and/or cannot procure their hardware.

If you haven't heard of DaaS before, that is because it is still in its infancy. Most people don't use it because there isn't much software out there (yet) that supports DaaS. But the field will multiply over the next few years as more and more developers keep it as a cloud computing option.

So without further ado, here are the top 7 DaaS providers of 2022:

1.   Ace Cloud Hosting

Ace cloud hosting is an experienced provider of cloud solutions with over a decade of expertise in the field. Ace Cloud Hosting's DaaS solution provides you with multiple levels of security. You will have access to comprehensive digital security to safeguard your virtual desktops from the harmful activity and physical security to prevent unwanted entry to data centers. Your data always remains safe and secured on the cloud.

Additionally, Ace Cloud Hosting Desktop as a Service provider gives you features like 30-day backup, allowing you to restore your data from any point in the last 30 days; a 99.999% uptime so that your systems are always online, and flexible pricing plans to suit your budget.

2.   dinWorkspace by dinCloud

In simple terms, DaaS, or Desktop-as-a-Service by dinCloud, is a digital transformation of a business workspace to improvise flexibility and productivity in computing solutions. Here, the data is secured by access control and surveillance conducted after extensive research and development.

dinWorkSpace is a highly customizable solution that is majorly cost-effective and efficient at the same time.dinCloud centers are Tier 3, SSAE 16 SCO 2, Type 3, which is layered security to protect the company's data. These hosted virtual desktops are available through your preferred MSP, VAR, or technology service provider.

Moreover, DaaS by dinCloud is a life-changing technology for your business workspace needs.

3.   Amazon Web Services

Workspaces Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing service that offers security to help businesses cloud services platform, offering computation power, database storage, content delivery, and other functionality. In simple words, AWS allows you to do several things in one package:

  • It allows you to run web and application servers in the cloud to host dynamic websites.
  • It securely stores all your files on the cloud so you can access them from anywhere.
  • AWS uses managed databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, or SQL Server to store information.
  • AWS delivers static and dynamic files quickly worldwide using a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Finally, AWS helps you to shoot out bulk emails to your customers.

4.   Citrix

Managed Desktops Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Standard for Azure is the simplest, fastest way to deliver Windows apps and desktops from Microsoft Azure. This service offers cloud-based management, provisioning, and managed capacity for delivering virtual apps and desktops to any device.

It is instrumental in bringing all of your apps and data into one secure, unified workspace experience personalized for every individual. It is by far one of the most productive and efficient workspaces for businesses that need secured access to high-definition apps and desktops on any operating system or mobile device. It provides simple, secure remote access to users everywhere.

Citrix helps continue business ready-to-go cloud desktops. It empowers temporary employees by meeting the needs of every worker in every season and transition by providing precisely the apps they need.

5.   VMware Horizon Cloud

The VMware Horizon Cloud Service delivers feature-rich virtual desktops and applications using a purpose-built cloud platform that is scalable across multiple deployment options, including private clouds and shared media.

The service provides an improved user experience while also lowering the infrastructure cost for your enterprise through decreased monthly charges on VMWare products. The service ensures superior scalability and offers excellent customer support.

6.   Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure has always been the most popular cloud computing option among businesses, and it was no surprise that it was one of the first services to get DaaS support (in fact, it was announced in late 2016). It is also likely to keep one of the top spots for a long time due to its wide variety of applications and capabilities. Plus, if you're already using Microsoft software such as Windows or Office, it would make a lot of sense to use their cloud computing service too. It will also make it easy for you to migrate from an onsite environment to a fully virtualized one.

7.   Cloudalize - Desktop as a Service

Cloudalize is a customized DaaS that is tailor-made for businesses and education.

The most crucial feature of Cloudalise is its customizability. The offering can be customized as per your business requirements to provide support for all your required applications. This customizability is offered directly in communication with your IT team.

Another feature is what they call One-Click Sharing, which allows you to share your workstation with a guest in real-time.


All of these services are great in their own right. You can choose whichever you find best suited to your needs.



Yuvraj Jain 

Yuvraj Jain is a technology analyst at ACE Cloud Hosting, a leading VDI solutions provider. He is keen to write about the latest tech trends and is fond of exploring VDI technology, DaaS, hosted virtual desktop, and cloud hosting services. In his free time, he likes to read blogs and books related to life.

Published Friday, October 15, 2021 7:31 AM by David Marshall
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