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Aible Launches New Products That Empower Enterprises Wherever They Are On Their AI Journey
Aible announced new AI and Augmented Analytics innovations at the 2021 Gartner Symposium/ITXPo, October 18-21. The virtual symposium is the premiere industry event that enables leading CIOs, CDOs, and IT executives from around the world to accelerate their digital business.

Aible extends its leadership in enterprise AI with new product features that help teams deliver business impact, regardless of where they are in their AI journey - from AI-readiness to data exploration with augmented analytics, and driving impact with optimized recommendations in end user applications, including Salesforce, Tableau, and 1500+ applications that are supported by Boomi.

"AI is strategically important for many of our customers looking to accelerate business outcomes," said Ed Macosky, head of product at Boomi. "Through our continued collaboration with Aible, customers have been able to achieve tangible business value from AI-driven insights within the first month."

Aible Solutions for Every Stage of the AI Journey:

Aible Sense: Most organizations today are throwing away valuable data every day because existing data collection processes are not designed with AI training in mind. Take sales data for example, which evolves over time. At some point, the expected deal size may increase and at another point, the close date may be pushed out. In such cases, the CRM system only stores the final state of the opportunity, and that is all an AI trains on if the data is extracted from the CRM. If the life of the sales opportunity was a movie, the AI would look at a single screenshot right before the credits. If a data warehouse takes weekly or monthly snapshots of the CRM data for analytics purposes, things are only slightly better - the AI would now train on a handful of screenshots of the movie. But, enterprises want the AI to train on the entire movie, not just the screenshots. The answer is not taking data snapshots every minute, as that would be an overwhelming amount of redundant data. Aible sense only collects the changes in data that would be relevant to AI training and stores the information securely in the customer's own cloud account.

With no upfront effort, Aible Sense collects data securely in customers' own cloud accounts, automatically structures the data for AI training, performs data prep, cleansing and enrichment activities, and evaluates data for AI-readiness. Aible Sense also integrates seamlessly with the Boomi AtomSphereTM Platform.

"You can just drop Aible Sense into any existing Boomi integration, and it starts learning and cleaning the data, and then informs the user once the dataset is appropriate for AI training," said Arijit Sengupta, Founder, and CEO of Aible.

Aible Explore: Manual business intelligence forced users to know the right questions to ask. Then, augmented intelligence and smart data discovery solutions started automatically asking all the relevant questions and showing key insights. However, the pendulum swung too far and the analyst was disempowered from exploring the data in their own way based on their unique knowledge of the data and business. Aible Explore - the next generation solution from the team that created the leading augmented analytics solution of the last generation - brings the perfect balance of automated exploration, guidance, and augmentation to deliver analytic experiences that are truly unique to each user.

With guided data exploration and augmented analytics, Aible Explore helps business users visually understand business drivers, uncover root causes, and identify contextual insights in minutes.

Aible Optimize: AI projects take too long and too much money to get into production and then there is significant pressure on end users to adopt the technology - or else. This top down approach has not worked well, with 90% of AI projects failing to achieve economic value (according to MIT/BCG).

Aible Optimize changes the equation, going from raw data to deployed models in an hour, and guaranteeing results in one month. At Strive Group, the model was in production in their CRM within two weeks and end users were seeing tangible value in two days, talking to each other about how leads recommended by Aible were extremely likely to buy. As a result of this viral end user adoption, Strive saw a 20% increase in sales week over week after just the first week. See two-minute interview with the Aible customer here.

"Aible gives us a real Unique Selling Proposition and could be a massive revenue generator," said Alistair Grant, Co-Founder and CEO of the Strive Group. "We inserted the Aible lead scoring into our CRM system and within two days, there were rumors going around our company that accounts with higher Aible scoring were getting higher bookings. Within a week, Aible recommendations produced a 20% improvement over the previous week in positive outcomes."

Aible Optimize drives impact by aligning your strategy with tactical decisions at all levels via optimal recommendations and predictions embedded in popular business applications, with guaranteed value within 30 days.

Learn more about the latest features here or by downloading the product brief.

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