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Opsani Ignite to Analyze Kubernetes-Orchestrated Applications and Identify Optimization Opportunities

Opsani announced Opsani Ignite, a new open-source tool used to identify Kubernetes applications that are running inefficiently or present reliability risks. With Opsani Ignite, organizations can now analyze all of their Kubernetes-orchestrated applications and identify optimization opportunities by processing metrics data from their existing Prometheus monitoring system. 

Opsani Ignite combs through metrics data to evaluate pod efficiency and reliability risk. After an initial analysis, it displays optimization opportunities on its console and enables the operator to make decisions on how to address potential violations of best practices.  If the operator chooses, Opsani can then onboard the applications with its Continuous Optimization as a Service platform for higher resilience, better performance, and lower cost.

"When promoting applications to production, it's critical that best practices are observed for application success, and that organizations know how to optimize," said Peter Nickolov, CTO and co-founder of Opsani. "That is why we decided to offer this open-source tool free of charge. We know that organizations will see improvements right away, allowing them to adapt and enhance their existing processes. Kubernetes customers should take advantage of this valuable tool to ensure that their deployments' resources are properly configured." 

There are three phases for the Opsani Ignite tool: discovery, analysis and recommendation. First, Ignite discovers all applications running on the Kubernetes cluster using the Prometheus monitoring system. Ignite analyzes each application looking at the technical makeup of the components to uncover specific omissions of best practices for reliable production deployments. It also determines whether the application is using excessive resources resulting in a higher than necessary cloud spend. Ignite then produces a set of actionable recommendations for improving the efficiency, performance and reliability of the application. To understand more about Opsani Ignite, read this recent blog post

Opsani Ignite can be downloaded and used free of charge at

Published Thursday, October 28, 2021 10:17 AM by David Marshall
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