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Myths busted; Automation a technology to embrace or fear job loss

Never before in the history of mankind has the pace of innovation and technological acceleration been faster than it is today and major credits go to automation alone.

Automation is the path to increased robustness and productivity, but who knew that the advancement in automation will catch everyone by surprise in the future. With the advent of AI (Artificial Intelligence), automation has found its scope in every domain and industry.

We cannot deny the fact that automation has replaced manual jobs to an unimaginable level. However, in this process, it has also created numerous job opportunities, especially in areas wherein more human intervention and discretion are needed.

According to CEOs and experts from around the world, automation will have an even more significant and positive impact on the creation of jobs. This is already evident from Deloitte's research on the UK workforce over the last 15 years that states - Due to automationover 800,000 jobs have been lost but nearly 3.5 million new ones have been created.

Businesses get hugely benefitted from collaborating manual work with automation as it makes operations more refined, augmented, and improved along with better overall control. Leveraging new-age automated technologies, manual work is now less quantifiable and is measured more in terms of value and quality.

The apprehension among some people right now is quite similar to the one that was raised when the craze of the internet was spreading massively and was the constant talk of the business world and people in general. As per McKinsey, the internet alone became the creator of 1.2 Million jobs in the past 15 years.

To get a deeper insight into this conversation, and to debunk some of the most common myths around automation keep reading -

  • Automation is a technology here to create jobs- As per World Economic Forum, automation alone has created 97 million new jobs as per a survey done in October 2020. As per the above-stated stats, it is evident that, even if automation eliminates the need for more hands needed to perform some of the mundane and repetitive tasks, it is not a threat to human jobs as it is playing a very significant role in creating a new genre of jobs. In fact, the implementation of automation technology is evident and inevitable for making processes and businesses more efficient. And automation helps fill this gap in business operations by bringing in more competent and faster processes, with negligible error and downtime. Automation ensures successful collaboration of humans work and artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Automation augments human labor and makes it more valuable- The sole purpose of automation is to eliminate the effort in doing repetitive work so as to make businesses processes and overall operations more efficient. Not only does it helps expand the business, but it has also brought creativity and innovation at work. Thanks to automation many labor intensive and manual jobs are no longer the same they use to be 10 years back.

Jobs in the age of automation demands more skills along with other added valuable expertise. Due to this the workforce is more valued at workplace and motivated to learn new technologies and upskill themselves to handle bigger responsibilities. It pushes human workforce to work more upon their creative and strategic side and to be more adaptable to the changes and technology shifts. This clearly suggests that, though automation might have replaced manual work to a great extent, however, it has still not put the significance of human intensive work in jeopardy.

  • Automation is a friend not a foe and values human safety automation, has always positively impacted the workforce. By taking up the monotonous and repetitive tasks, automation frees up employees and allows them to be more engaged in the strategic work. This has elevated humans' job satisfaction and augmented their performance. Apart from this, automation also improves workplace security. As per the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, there were 736 deaths alone in the Construction trades industry. There are many more industries that used to go through employee losses every year significantly. But thanks to automation, due to which workplace security could have never been better.
  • Automation has led to an increase in the average wages - With more and more organizations adopting automation, they can boost work quality and could achieve tighter production control and efficiency. All of this contributes to increased profits and due to this, organizations are now capable of paying more to their workforce and thus leading to an increase in the average wage level. Automation has increased the consumption of goods like IT solutions, etc. that has further enabled businesses to pay their employees more.
  • AI can collaborate with humans effectively- Humans and automated advanced algorithms working together can create wonders and are already yielding the best results. Thus, we can attain the new technology-driven ideal world when there will be an optimum collaboration between AI and humans.

One of the best examples of collaboration of AI and humans is voice assistants like Siri and Alexa. Experts have worked day and night with the technology to make it behave as humanly as possible. With the successful collaboration of humans and AI, voice assistant technology can capture human emotions to the maximum extent. This further created additional jobs for language-based experts, IT professionals, etc. This was just one example, there are many other outstanding technologies and scenarios wherein automation and humans have worked hand in hand.

  • Automation matches candidates with the best job position by eliminating biases - Automation is helping organizations and candidates to find the best job match. AI is best at predicting job matches for job seekers. Not only does it find the best match, but it also eliminates any kind of biases in the system. Hence with the help of automation job positions are filled by the best possible candidate in reduced time and effort.

To summarize, human judgment and cognition were never in competition with automation as human judgment will always remain at supremacy. It is obvious because humans are the creator of automation and not vice versa. It's just that the time has come when humans have to upgrade and upskill themselves to handle more critical task that best leverages their intelligence and let technology take care of repetitive and mundane tasks.

Thanks to Automation, we have got the opportunity to learn and explore more in terms of our learning, skillset, and creativity. Moreover, we must feel exhilarated in terms of the growth perspective that automation renders the world to experience, that one could never have imagined.



Ajay Kaul 

Ajay Kaul is a visionary leader and a trendsetter. As managing partner of AgreeYa Solutions, he has been instrumental in leading the company through solid growth and international expansion for the past 20 years. Kaul has three decades of experience in building powerful and innovative solutions for businesses across various industries and verticals. His expertise and knowledge span across enterprise sales management, marketing and strategy, global delivery, mergers, and acquisitions.

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