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Total Economic Impact Study Reveals Brinqa Platform Delivers 210% ROI to Organizations

Brinqa announced findings from a commissioned Total Economic Impact (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting. The Total Economic Impact of Brinqa study revealed that organizations realize benefits of $4.05 million over three years versus costs of $1.31 million, resulting in a net present value (NPV) of $2.74 million and a return on investment (ROI) of 210%, with the Brinqa Platform paying for itself in less than six months.

Forrester Consulting interviewed decision-makers at four Brinqa customers to assess the benefits, costs, and risks associated with deploying the platform. These organizations range from 4,500 employees to 400,000 employees in size and deliver products and services across diverse industries - retail, healthcare, financial services, and transportation and logistics. To create a framework to quantify benefits, Forrester designed a composite organization modeled on the aggregate results of interviewed customers. The model measured a three-year ROI based on customer interviews and financial analysis.

The independent study found that prior to using Brinqa, companies lacked visibility into portions of the IT and security ecosystem - resulting in potentially dangerous blind spots in their cybersecurity practice. The organizations strived for informed, data-driven, and risk-based cybersecurity decision-making, but struggled to bring together information from relevant IT, security, and business data sources. These limitations led to poor data fidelity and ineffective manual processes, which resulted in greater risk exposure for critical applications and IT assets.

"Previously, none of the contextual information - such as if the application contained personal health information, its categorization as customer-facing, its business criticality, or its disaster recovery tier - was married up with the actual vulnerability data. That was the gap we were trying to close," said the director of security architecture and engineering at the health insurance organization interviewed.

According to the study, Brinqa enabled customers to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of their asset management programs by transforming disparate, fragmented data sources into a single, consolidated view of the complete asset landscape. The interviewees' organizations obtained a centralized platform for analysis, prioritization, and remediation management - resulting in fewer business interruptions and more secure IT landscapes. Armed with better data and a holistic view of the IT and security landscape, the organizations implemented risk-based programs to significantly reduce the number of high-risk and critical vulnerabilities in their environments.

In the TEI study, Forrester details quantifiable benefits that customers using the Brinqa Platform achieve over a three-year period. The composite organization, a global B2C firm with 20,000 employees, realizes a return on their investment within six months and the benefits increase as the scope of the platform grows. Quantified benefits attributable to Brinqa include:

  • Reduction in business process interruption - 20% to 40% reduction in business process interruptions from security patching.
  • Material breach risk reduction savings - 13% to 15% decline in the likelihood of a breach.
  • Risk analysis efficiency gain - Automation of 30% to 50% of risk analysis processes.
  • Asset management efficiency improvement - Uncovering of 20,000 to 24,000 unnecessary device-based licenses.

"Since deploying Brinqa, we've seen a shift in cybersecurity from [being] a very subjective process to [being] a more risk-centric program that's based on deterministic data, and it's just managing in a more objective way," said a distinguished cybersecurity engineer at the retail organization interviewed.

Another customer, a senior manager of information security - threat and vulnerability management at a transportation and logistics company, told Forrester, "Now we can do reporting based on how long it's taking to work through critical issues. We've automated the process of sending out reminders to the teams that are actually tracking these remediations. Brinqa has helped to bring our cyber-risk program to the next level...Brinqa allows us to better track the high-risk areas and prioritize addressing issues. So, I think [we're in] a constant state of getting better and better."

"Our customers know first-hand the value that informed, data-driven decisions bring to effective cybersecurity programs," said Amad Fida, CEO of Brinqa. "The customers featured in this study have established the Brinqa Cyber Risk Graph - a unified knowledge source for all relevant IT, security, and business data - as a foundation that supports and secures their digital transformation initiatives. By leveraging the Brinqa Platform's extensive cybersecurity integration ecosystem, intelligent automation, and powerful analytics, they have transformed the culture and practice of cybersecurity within their organizations. This new study by Forrester Consulting highlights the experiences of our customers and affirms the transformative risk reduction, efficiency gains, and cost savings that businesses can achieve through Brinqa."

For more details, download "The Total Economic Impact of Brinqa" study.

Published Thursday, November 04, 2021 9:52 AM by David Marshall
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