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VMblog Expert Video Interview with John Egan of Kintaba. Human-Centric Heatmaps to Better Understand Resilience.
In this episode of the VMblog Expert Video Interview Series, we spoke with John Egan, the co-founder and CEO of Kintaba, where we talk about the incident management space and a new offering called Human Centric Heatmaps.

Quick background. Kintaba is a modern incident management platform that lets companies and teams implement best-practice incident response processes without the overhead, creating a seamless workflow for more effectively responding to major outages. Easy to get started, takes less than 2 minutes, and the first 5 users are free!

Watch this video interview as we discuss the incident management space and how it is growing and evolving. Teams are using tools like Slack and email to try and coordinate, but does that approach work? What about when big problems arise? And Egan provides his take on what's happening with traditional incident metrics like MTTR.

Kintaba has introduced the addition of Human Centric Heatmaps which showcase when incidents are most frequent and which employees are spending the most time actively responding to them. By having these people metrics alongside existing incident metrics, such as total incident count and Mean-Time-to-Resolution, leaders can glean deeper insights into the health and well-being of their organization within the context of incident response and resilience.

Human-Centric Heatmaps are designed to highlight people-centric metrics such as what times of day are most problems occuring, are they within business hours, and is there a healthy distribution of responders. By having a bird’s-eye view across the entire company, it’s easy to identify if the burden of firefighting and incident response is being placed too heavily on one person’s shoulders. Only by having these kinds of people metrics alongside incident metrics can a true picture of the health and well-being of the organization be accurately represented.

Find out more about Kintaba:

Published Thursday, November 04, 2021 9:02 AM by David Marshall
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