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Deepbrain AI 2022 Predictions: Four Important AI Predictions for the New Year

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Four Important AI Predictions for 2022

By Eric Jang, Deepbrain AI

Conversing with AI humans has been a long-time feature in science fiction books and movies, but it's rapidly becoming reality-and we don't mean Deepfake technology. Deepbrain's unique conversational AI Human technology is creating realistic human-like AI models that can interact with customers and are being used in retail, education, broadcasting, and banking.

AI Humans won't replace people, but augment their skills and presence. And as we move toward 2022, we anticipate seeing AI Humans in even more business sectors, globally. 

Here's why.

1.    AI Models Will Become More Human. 

With the advent of conversational AI, you can now create AI models based on a real person that express the same appearance, voice, and gestures who can engage in a real-time conversation - making them very life-like. 

2.    AI will infiltrate the workforce.  

AI models have made their way into key service-oriented industries, but in 2022, they will become a larger part of the workforce--especially in these industries:

  • Education: AI tutors will augment lesson plans for students providing lesson summaries or additional information from the lesson plan AI Assistants(AI Kiosks) will be added to convenience stores to provide customers with background information on products and store deals
  • Banks: AI tellers will be used to direct customers as they enter the bank
  • Healthcare: organizations are using AI Humans to provide contactless interactions for telemedicine needs
  • Broadcast: AI Announcers are being used by media companies to augment popular broadcasters' news segments as key announcers cannot be on air 24/7

While people have feared AI as a replacement for workers, I feel strongly that AI will be used to support the evolving workforce, not replace it, and will  increase staff productivity  supplementing staff especially in industries facing worker shortages.  

Here's an example of an AI model and industries they're being used in.


3.    Deepfake will remain a very hotly contested technology.   

In its defense, Deepfake technology helped populate the term "artificial human." But my view is that deepfake's issues are big and won't go away anytime soon. Deepfake drastically hurts and limits the benefits of AI, its  efficacy and trust in AI while limiting this very promising technology's impact on the world. 

For AI to be broadly adopted, it must start with building AI models/avatars based on real people who acknowledge that the AI Human being created will be done using their likeness.   

4.      The pandemic changed the way we live and work forever.

Before the pandemic, we provided services face to face, but once it became the new normal , companies had to quickly pivot to provide their services remotely. Some industries, including financial institutions, were already  providing these online services, but they'll take it to the  next phase and will use AI avatars for their phone and video calls with customers and concierges and tellers in branches.

I believe we're at the tipping point with AI and it will revolutionize and empower and grow businesses in 2022 and beyond.



Eric Jang, CEO and Founder, Deepbrain AI

Eric Jang 

Inspired by the victory of the Al AlphaGo computer program over champion Go player Lee Sedol in 2016, and an article that used the match as a lead-in to explore the future of AI Chatbots, Eric Jang started his company called MoneyBrain (now called Deepbrain AI) that same year. Drawing on his experience in the financial sector as the CTO of financial IT provider Finger, and previous conversational AI experience as CEO of Page On, Eric strove to create AI for Human Life by providing new AI platforms, services and devices that provide convenience to daily life.

Published Friday, November 05, 2021 7:31 AM by David Marshall
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