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ZenFi Networks 2022 Predictions: Getting Back to Business - What the Post-COVID Era Will Look Like

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Getting Back to Business - What the Post-COVID Era Will Look Like

By Walter Cannon, VP of Business Development for ZenFi Networks

The challenges of navigating the COVID-19 pandemic have been well documented by industry leaders over the past year and a half. Everyone's standard practices for conducting business suddenly changed in 2020. Zoom meetings and remote industry events became our new normal. However, 2021 specifically has offered a uniquely different challenge. Gone is the era of uncertainty that consumed the majority of 2020. Our society is much more educated about the pandemic and major progress has been made towards fighting the virus. The vaccine rollout this year has certainly allowed us to return to a state of normalcy. However, the reality is that we at ZenFi Networks, along with others across many industries, were faced with navigating what will continue to be an ever changing landscape when it comes to the long reaching ramifications of the pandemic on how we do business. 

One of the biggest impacts of the pandemic on our society is directly correlated with the technology industry. More and more people than ever before are working from home and educating their children using wireless technology. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that wireless communications is a crucial platform and that going forward, the implementation of necessary infrastructure will be essential. 5G is the continued evolution of an infrastructure that everyone requires. Life has radically changed over the last year from remote education, remote work, remote healthcare and even remote leisure like cooking or workout classes. This has put a significant strain on our existing network infrastructure that the widespread adoption of 5G could alleviate greatly. With properties of 5G such as enhanced bandwidth, the ability to disaggregate and aggregate when needed allows network designers and network operators to deliver network services to their customers. We can directly address this network strain and other issues when it comes to 5G. This begs the question; why wouldn't we want to continue investing in this technology?

The reality is that there's no going back from this great wave of digitization. A large portion of the American workforce doesn't want or plan to return to their in-person offices. Our society places a premium on convenience in so many aspects of everyday life, and we expect this trend will only continue in 2022. However, this poses another challenge, one that we refer to as the digital divide. With so many people now opting to work from home, more rural and suburban areas specifically are not as well equipped to handle that extra bandwidth as urban areas.. Big cities around the country already have an established infrastructure that allows people to always be connected. These underserved communities may have access to the newest devices, but find themselves in an area without the connectivity to support them. ZenFi Networks believes that bridging this divide in the coming years will be essential in order to keep up with the demand to have "everything digital, everywhere." Bringing communities together to cohesively solve these problems also spawns innovation. As more devices become 5G enabled, 5G infrastructure is even more essential to the future of our digital worlds. Without building the infrastructure needed to support 5G, technology will be unable to evolve in the way that it needs to.

Despite all of these challenges we've faced, and those that surely lie ahead, ZenFi Networks plans to continue to not just overcome, but thrive. We have big plans for 2022, and are excited to continue working through this digital evolution.



Walter Cannon 

As the Vice President of Business Development for ZenFi Networks, Walter leverages more than 30 years of technology sales and executive management experience. Walter's expertise, which spans the wireless, wholesale and enterprise markets, has led sales teams in the efficient delivery of network solutions that enable customers to grow their businesses more effectively. Prior to ZenFi Networks, Walter served as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Metro|NS, where he effectively developed sales strategies and helped to forge strong relationships with both vendors and clients. Walter has held senior management positions in sales, marketing and business development, focusing on start-ups and emerging technologies. He received a degree in Liberal Arts with a focus in Engineering and Mathematics from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

Published Monday, November 08, 2021 7:31 AM by David Marshall
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