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Airbyte 2022 Predictions: Warehouses, Data Literacy & Data Pipes

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Warehouses, Data Literacy & Data Pipes

By Michel Tricot - Co-founder and CEO, Airbyte 

Here are my three predictions for the year ahead, which all relate to the increasing importance of data to every enterprise no matter what size or type. I don't believe any of these are too big a leap, we are already seeing the first wave of adoption.

Omni-presence of data warehouses in organizations

As more and more companies realize that data has become the strategic asset for their business, they are jumping into the new generation of data processing and analysis engines such as Snowflake, Databricks, BigQuery, Redshift. As these technologies spread in organizations, simplicity and elasticity are key because the users' profile is changing and the number of people interacting with these systems keeps growing.

With this new model for consuming and processing data, data engineers will become the top talent to hire. Indeed, the whole data stack is going to change drastically. These new data teams will transform from being the provider of insights to becoming the provider of a data platform for the rest of the organization.

Data will become the common language inside organizations

With data teams evolving to provide an internal platform in their enterprise, many more people will have direct access to data. This will translate into having people with more data savvy (but less technical) profiles who are embedded across all functions (product, business, engineering). These people will be capable of conducting deep analysis on the data now available on the internal platform because they have the domain expertise. This means a new level of business efficiency. With the ubiquity of internal data platforms and people exposed to the data, it should come as no surprise when someone in sales asks a SQL question!

As the positives of having a data savvy organization become evident, companies will become greedier and greedier with data and will attempt to centralize more and more of their data assets in order to get a complete picture of their business.

Data pipes will become fundamental for every company

As companies attempt to centralize all data, they will quickly realize the colossal efforts needed to connect to all these data silos while maintaining these connections.

Because of this, ELT (extract, load, transform) solutions will become the standard in every data stack. We're already seeing this at Airbyte with early adopters. Also, other products around monitoring, observability, and quality will become as important so that any data issues can be traced back to a specific step in the data value chain and fixed. Speed in addressing these issues will be critical as a lot of teams will now depend on reliable access to data to make decisions.

These pipes will need to be ubiquitous so they can access data anywhere whether they are SaaS tools, APIs, databases, files, legacy tools. They will need to be able to access data across different geographies while being compliant with local regulations and also be able to access data from secured VPCs (virtual private clouds) or networks.

In Summary

We're already seeing a lot of these changes taking hold in the enterprises where we're actively working with their teams. This is a significant disruption from the typical ways that enterprises have handled and managed their data in the past. More data accessed by more people -- or what some call the "democratization of data" -- has significant advantages in increasing businesses' agility. Of course, nothing comes without a price and that price is transforming IT systems to adapt to accommodate the need for more data accessible to more people.Exciting new technologies are helping to make this happen and I look forward to an exciting year ahead.



Michel Tricot 

Michel Tricot is co-founder and CEO of Airbyte, which started in 2020 as an open-source data integration platform with a vision of commoditizing data integration pipelines across all industries and organizations. He has been working in data engineering for the past 15 years and previously was head of integrations and director of engineering at Liveramp (NYSE: RAMP).

Published Monday, November 29, 2021 7:32 AM by David Marshall
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