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Datadobi Validates Google Cloud Storage as an Endpoint for Data Management

Datadobi announced it has validated Google Cloud Storage as an endpoint for data replication in addition to data migration. As a result, users of the DobiProtect software suite can now replicate data held on any S3-compatible object storage to Google Cloud Storage or vice versa. The news comes shortly after the company announced support for Azure Blob storage in the DobiProtect software suite.

Datadobi's validation of Google Cloud Storage enables organizations to build a true multi-cloud strategy with their data available at multiple Hyperscalers. Customers can host their data both on any S3 object storage service and on Google Cloud Storage, and use DobiProtect to set up permanent data replication between these two clouds.

Nearly 92% of enterprises now have a multi-cloud strategy. This way, data is held in two different sets of data centers, deployed on two completely different cloud storage software and hardware stacks, operated by different companies, different people, and different service procedures. DobiProtect now allows users to boost data protection by entrusting their data to two cloud storage stacks.

In addition, a Datadobi-powered multi-cloud strategy avoids the need to rely on a single cloud vendor from an availability, a security, and a cost perspective. By enabling data sets to be moved or synchronized, organizations can also choose the most appropriate data services from each Hyperscaler for their needs, overcoming the potential for lock-in to a single provider, and instead allowing users to cherry-pick services as required.

Datadobi can enable the initial migration and then set up the subsequent replication stream. This is a one-time copy which ends in the cutover step, during which the data authority is moved from the source to the destination storage service or system. During this cutover, the Datadobi software provides a chain of custody containing an auditable proof of which data was moved during the data migration and confirming the integrity of the data.

"As organizations refine their cloud strategies, there is increasing demand for solutions that facilitate a multi-vendor approach across both S3 and Google Cloud Storage infrastructure," said Carl D'Halluin, CTO, Datadobi. "By validating Google Cloud Storage, we are helping our customers to benefit from the best of both worlds, to choose the services that meet their needs, and significantly increase their levels of data protection."

Published Tuesday, November 30, 2021 9:56 AM by David Marshall
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