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The OpenNMS Group Releases OpenNMS Minion Appliance – the Next Evolution of Distributed Monitoring

The OpenNMS Group, Inc. released its first OpenNMS Minion Appliance, which simplifies the deployment of OpenNMS Minion, the distributed monitoring component of OpenNMS. The appliance lets organizations quickly, reliably, and securely deploy Minions, extending the reach of the core monitoring system to remote or adjacent private networks.

A cloud-enabled service, accessible in the newly released OpenNMS Portal, allows users to easily configure and quickly diagnose their appliances and embedded Minion technology. The Appliance Service also supports the appliances by providing automated system and application updates.

"Our team has done a phenomenal job creating an appliance that takes us one step further along a roadmap that supports our corporate vision of a 'world where monitoring just happens,'" says David Hustace, CEO of OpenNMS.

"These appliances are crucial to address new requirements as corporate networks trend toward extreme growth at the edge. This reliable and secure network appliance, backed by a unique cloud service built using Azure IoT and Canonical's Ubuntu Core, supports on-premise OpenNMS deployments today and a migration to an OpenNMS cloud solution in the future."

The next step in the evolution of distributed monitoring

As enterprises continue to shift toward remote work and cloud solutions, visibility across their increasingly distributed environments creates a challenge many network monitoring platforms struggle to address. Since 2016, the OpenNMS Minion application has met this challenge, having been deployed in some of the largest and most complex distributed networks. Minion Appliances make Minion technology more sustainable, allowing valuable IT resources to focus on other operations.

Reliable and secure zero-touch distributed monitoring

The Minion Appliance encapsulates the OpenNMS Minion application into a secure distributed monitoring solution that is easy to deploy, configure, and maintain. Built on the reliability of an open-source, stateless, scalable application architecture, it offers the following:

  • Easy deployment. The Appliance Service makes it easy to deploy hundreds or even thousands of Minions in a distributed network. When an appliance is initially deployed and connected to the network, users can quickly update and configure it from the OpenNMS Portal. Like all OpenNMS solutions, the Appliance Service exposes REST API endpoints to enable integration with other business applications such as a CRM and CMDB.
  • Easy diagnostics. The dashboards and status indicators in the OpenNMS Portal clearly display appliance status information and insights. Identify faults and troubleshoot Minion Appliance performance with easily navigable diagnostic tooling available in the portal.
  • Easy updates. Minion Appliances automatically request an update when they detect that the core OpenNMS has been updated to a new version. Regular updates for bug fixes and security issues can also be updated on a customizable schedule.

For more information about the OpenNMS Minion Appliance, visit:

Published Tuesday, November 30, 2021 9:58 AM by David Marshall
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