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Weaveworks Announces the General Availability of Weave GitOps Enterprise 2021.11

Weaveworks announced the general availability of Weave GitOps Enterprise, the first GitOps platform that automates continuous application delivery and Kubernetes operations at any scale. Weave GitOps Enterprise addresses surging demand for self-governed, bullet-proof application delivery and fleet management across hybrid cloud, multi cloud and edge infrastructures.

"The growing pressure for enterprises to compete at rapid speed and scale is driving the shift to cloud native technologies requiring modern operations. GitOps is the gold standard for automation to accelerate trusted application delivery and management." said Alexis Richardson, CEO of Weaveworks. "After helping transform DevOps teams in mature organizations such as Fidelity and Deutsche Telekom, we are proud to introduce the very first enterprise GitOps platform to the market."

GitOps brings DevOps to Cloud Native by uniting application development and IT operations through the power of "Operations by Pull Request". Increased collaboration brings considerable agility and speed, while ensuring teams have greater reliability, visibility and security throughout the application life-cycle.

In June, Weaveworks announced Weave GitOps in two tiers:

  • Weave GitOps Core: a free and open source tier for developers that want to get started with GitOps quickly, enabling them to deploy and manage applications on any Kubernetes cluster.
  • Weave GitOps Enterprise: adding the continuous operations and control of Kubernetes at any scale that platform teams need to manage at scale.

Weave GitOps Enterprise 2021.11 comes with the following new product features:

Application delivery UI: Weave GitOps provides an intuitive web user interface that allows application teams to deploy and manage their applications easily. All changes are stored within the git configuration repository making it easy to see all changes to deployments. This enables teams to safely deploy new versions, quickly respond to errors and detect configuration drift. Available in both Weave GitOps Core and Enterprise.

Component Profiles: With Weave GitOps Enterprise teams define component profiles that can be deployed into any Kubernetes environment. Component profiles enables teams to deploy standard services quickly, consistently and reliably. Teams can curate the profiles that are available within their estate ensuring there is consistency everywhere. Using GitOps it's easy to guarantee the latest, secure versions of any component are deployed in all production systems.

Platform as Code: Weave GitOps Enterprise 2021.11 enables teams to install a complete Kubernetes platform. Utilizing the Cluster API capability permits Weave GitOps Enterprise to support Kubernetes on-premise, or in multiple different cloud environments. All elements of the system are defined using templates and GitOps, ensuring that the system is easily reproducible. This capability can be tied together with the component profiles so that a complete Kubernetes application platform can be defined, deployed and managed.

Multi-cluster Management: Weave GitOps Enterprise's multi-cluster control plane allows cluster operators to attach and control any Kubernetes cluster using GitOps. Acting as a single pane of glass the GitOps observability components can be deployed to any Kubernetes cluster to gain instant insight. Manage all application lifecycles in a GitOps enabled cluster to immediately detect drift, evaluate cluster health or even inform roll back actions as well as monitor continuous operations.

Weaveworks Weave GitOps aligns application delivery, operations, and management to deliver software faster without compromising security or stability of the infrastructure.

GitOps is the path to automate Kubernetes and build robust Kubernetes platforms across any infrastructure. Continuous delivery, deployment and control are the first step in a successful cloud native journey, followed by progressive delivery and self service capabilities. Weave GitOps is the modern operations product which enables this transformation.

Published Tuesday, November 30, 2021 9:49 AM by David Marshall
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