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Bright Data 2022 Predictions: Data Platforms in 2022 - Growth, Compliance, and Acceptance

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Data Platforms in 2022: Growth, Compliance, and Acceptance

By Ron Kol, CTO, Bright Data

If 2021 had superlatives, the "Most Growth" award would go to data. According to Statistia, 74 zettabytes of data are expected to be created this year, which is up from 59 zettabytes in 2020.

Last year, web-based data was the source of prominent business strategies and decision-making. As our economy rapidly transforms into a real-time economy that is heavily reliant on data to power its systems, a spotlight is still shining on data and will continue to shine.

This means organizations will need to keep tabs on much more than just having the technology to retrieve the data they need but also on how they are collecting and using data. These organizations will also have to make sure that they're staying compliant. Here's what we can expect to see from data collection growth, compliance, and acceptance in the new year.

Fast-growing, involved in every aspect of almost every sector

Looking at the pace at which we are advancing, it's virtually impossible for any organization to survive without data. That being said, there are definitely industries that have been more data-savvy than others - think trendy technology startups. Next year, we'll only see more industries starting to adopt and embrace data retrieval like legacy financial services firms. Why? For the simple fact that those who don't rely on up-to-the-minute data gathering get left behind.          

As data collection capabilities grow and become more intricate, automated, and comprehensive, it's critical to not forget about your compliance standards. Data collection practitioners will be required to ensure that they are pushing for responsible, transparent, and compliance-driven best practices.

Organizations will embrace compliance-driven standards and guidelines

And for the organizations that might be averse to data gathering, I believe 2022 will be the year that companies start to recognize and embrace the value of public data collection for their business interests. From our studies, it is very clear that over 60% of businesses plan to enhance their data-gathering efforts. There are unlimited opportunities and benefits of public web data. These include uncovering competitors' offers and trends, conducting market research, and doing inquisitive analytics on data.

While it's not instinctive, it's in the best interests of a business to allow the collection of their public data to be conducted by certified and identified "good" collectors. This will mean that companies will be able to distinguish between organic user traffic and collector traffic, giving them clearer insight into what data is being collected and when, which can help them identify emerging trends and can factor into their strategic business decisions. In addition, through the use of robots.txt or its data collection counterpart, collectors.txt, webmasters would be able to flag domains that do not host public web data. They would also be able to mark copyrighted material and block service endpoints, like account management, reviews, likes, etc., which should not be accessible to data collectors.

Fortunately, most organizations are already complying - and want even tighter regulations. Recent research has found that 48% of US organizations have guidelines in place to moderate all uses of bots, which are vital to the data collection process, while another 48% say they have guidelines relating to some uses of bots. In the UK, these figures are 57% and 40%, respectively. And attitudes towards regulation and ethical compliance are satisfactory: 47% of those in US organizations and 60% of those in the UK are satisfied with the current level of regulation related to bot use. Meanwhile, 45% of US organizations and 33% of UK organizations say they actively want to see increased external regulation of bots.

As data collection continues to explode in popularity and expand in opportunities, it's up to everyone to keep compliance-driven guidelines as a top priority. If this occurs, we'll foster healthy, positive, and more accepted data collection practices.



Ron Kol 

Ron Kol is a proven expert in developing and implementing data collection technology and Bright Data's CTO. As a result of his years of experience developing data driven products, Ron has industry leading expertise in multiple market verticals, and has built technology to meet all their unique challenges, business goals, and growth targets. Bright Data serves more than 10,000 businesses globally, including Fortune 500 firms, major retail players as well as finance organisations, security companies, prominent travel sites, and more.

After working on developing Bright Data's first product in 2014 during his tenure at Hola VPN, Ron re-joined the company as CTO in 2019. Ron previously cut his teeth in the world of start-ups and then went on to join Jungo (now known as Cisco Videoscape), progressing through engineering roles to become R&D manager. He would then spend 11 years as a VP R&D of Hola VPN . Ron's belief in a free and transparent internet has been key influence on his career in the data collection domain, where real-time data is integral to driving results and decision making in a modern business environment.

Published Wednesday, December 01, 2021 7:31 AM by David Marshall
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