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Storj Showcases Unmatched Performance and Throughput via the Exceptional Parallelism Capability of Decentralized Cloud Storage

Storj announced new features that demonstrate the fundamental differences of its distributed network that delivers extreme performance for common application use cases.

The new multi-layered parallelism of Storj DCS (Decentralized Cloud Storage) means cloud object storage customers no longer have to make tradeoffs between performance, resiliency, and cost. With a decentralized model, organizations can get all three -- edge based, built-in and automated for every object upload -- costing at least 80 percent less than today's hyperscalers.

How it works

All uploaded files are encrypted and split into pieces, then distributed on a geographically diverse network of more than 13,500 Storage Nodes. This means that speed is gated only by a customer's local compute or network resources and that multiple performance metrics can be positively impacted, such as throughput, latency, recovery time objective (RTO), recovery point objective (RPO) and ingress/egress.

It also means organizations can experience faster backups and downloads for applications such as disaster recovery, video streaming, large file sharing, and global software distribution.

Storj decentralized architecture is competitive on all levels with today's hyperscalers and cloud-storage-only companies -- and goes beyond in providing increased security, privacy, availability, and overall performance - all at a lower cost and total cost of ownership (TCO). This opens up new use cases and customer opportunities where high performance is a key priority such as disaster recovery or the distribution of large data sets.

What users are saying

"Pocket Network is redefining the Web3 infrastructure landscape for a fairer and censorship-resistant internet," said Michael O'Rourke, CEO, Pocket Network, Inc. "We chose Storj DCS as our storage layer because of its innovation in decentralization - and for our shared values of a trustless, sustainable, and globally distributed architecture. And bottom line, the performance blew us away. The parallelism of Storj DCS enables ultra-fast blockchain Fast Sync. The accelerated sync times and added reliability from Storj helps miners create a more diverse set of endpoints, and contribute to a larger, more secure blockchain."

"Not only does Storj DCS' built-in global distribution network help our organization scale up our AOSP ROM software distribution, Storj DCS enables 50,000 downloads per month across 60 Android device builds around the world - more than 10x faster and at 1/10 the cost of most object storage providers," said Rohan Hasabe, PixelExperience Core Team Member.

"Usually, higher performance and throughput are not associated with decentralized storage solutions; however, Storj really has delivered an industry first -- enabling multi-GB speed and providing us with unmatched performance, increased parallelism, redundancy, and resiliency -- and all cost effective," said Dr. Antonin Portelli, University of Edinburgh Research Explorer. "We are generating large datasets for research, and confidence around the resilience and geographical availability of the data is critical. We must ensure that all of this data can be stored safely, and also retrieved quickly and often. Storj has definitely checked all those boxes for us, for the next decade and possibly more."

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"Performance is a common concern for customers when utilizing decentralized systems, and Storj has solved that with an innovative and robust global decentralized and distributed architecture. The multi-layered parallelism this model enables is a key differentiator and game changer for many customers that want performance and resiliency at an affordable price," said John Gleeson, COO, Storj. "When customers download a file that is re-constructed with multiple segments, the technology can now download segments in parallel - delivering super-fast throughput. This capability also delivers superior security and privacy, 99.95% availability, and 11 9s durability - all at 80 percent less than the storage and egress costs of centralized providers. This is a major disruption in the cloud object storage market."

Storj DCS is an alternative to traditional storage models for not only large organizations such as a global university, but also for early-stage companies that want a secure, sustainable, and performant object storage option without the cost and lock-in of today's hyperscalers. Globally storing, downloading, and sharing objects - as well as building decentralized storage into an application - is easy for customers with S3 compatibility. It is also economical, with savings from 80 to 95 percent and a much lower TCO.

Published Wednesday, December 01, 2021 9:32 AM by David Marshall
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