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Metallic 2022 Predictions: Data Protection

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Data Protection Predictions

By Manoj Nair, General Manager at Metallic, a Commvault Venture 

Data Protection Solutions Will Expand Their Role in the Battle against Ransomware  

Data protection solutions currently serve as many IT teams' last line of defense against cyberattacks. These teams use these solutions to create an independent, pristine, and verified backup copy of their organization's data, which they can use to rapidly restore this data if a cyberattack locks, alters, or destroys it.  

However, since they provide IT teams with a comprehensive, secure representation of all their data, data protection solutions can play an even greater role in IT teams' never-ending war with cybercriminals. Specifically, IT teams can use AI and other technologies integrated into these solutions to monitor both their organization's backup data and their primary data (while this primary data is being backed up). If this monitoring reveals anomalous or suspicious behavior indicating a cyberattack is in progress, these solutions can then alert the IT team, allowing them to stop these attacks, or at least contain them before they do much damage.   

As ransomware attacks increase in both number and sophistication, expect data protection solutions in 2022 to integrate more AI-powered cyberattack monitoring capabilities into their solutions, enabling IT teams to use them as "another set of eyes" on their data in their ongoing battle with cybercriminals.    

The Cloud's Growing Data Gravity Attracts Data Protection Solutions  

While organizations have been using data protection solutions to backup their on-premises data for years, many have been slow to use these solutions to protect their SaaS application data and other types of data they have stored in the cloud.  

However, as more and more organizations move both a higher percentage and more important data to the cloud, the cloud's data gravity - its power to attract solutions, services and other data - has increased exponentially. The growing data gravity of the cloud is now attracting data protection solutions to it, as organizations seek to be able to backup and rapidly restore cloud-based data after a cyberattack, misconfiguration, or other disaster.   

Further fueling data protection solutions growing attraction to the cloud is the fact that IT professionals are waking up to the fact that, under the SaaS and cloud service providers' shared responsibility model, they are responsible for all the data they store in their SaaS applications and elsewhere on the cloud. As recent successful cyberattacks on cloud-based data demonstrate, when organizations do not protect this data by creating a pristine, verified backup copy of it that they can restore after a successful ransomware or other cyberattack, the results can be devastating.  

Insurance companies are also causing the cloud to attract more data protection solutions. Faced with high ransomware payouts, insurance companies are now requiring their customers to put in place data protection strategies for their SaaS and other cloud-based data before they write or renew cyberattack insurance policies.   

On top of all of this, cybercriminals are launching more and more sophisticated ransomware attacks, and the damage caused by successful attacks is becoming more visible.   

All these reasons are why we can expect that in 2022 the cloud's growing data gravity will attract more data protection solutions, with practically every organization with SaaS or other cloud-based data having implemented a strategy to backup and rapidly restore this data before the end of the year.  



Manoj Nair 

An avid foodie, Manoj knows you need more than a recipe for success; it requires vision, creativity, experience working the line, and an unstoppable drive to succeed. With an appetite and passion for creating cloud solutions, he and our nimbly driven Metallic team are focused on accelerating the innovation and growth of Commvault's Software as a Service (SaaS) business. The former CEO and Co-Founder of HyperGrid, Manoj has served up cloud and security offerings for HPE, EMC, VMware and RSA, and holds more than 12 information management and security patents. He has a Master of Computer Science degree from Clemson University.

Published Wednesday, December 08, 2021 7:29 AM by David Marshall
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