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How Does Extended Validation SSL Directly Benefits Online Businesses? And Why That's Important?


Extended Validation SSL offers the highest level of assurance to users and enables webmasters to keep threats at bay. But Extended Validation SSL is not cheap. It does involve a cost, making online businesses wonder if the benefits of EV SSL really outweigh the costs associated with it. Let us answer the question straightaway. It does! The investment on EV SSL yields a high ROI.

In this article, we delve deeper into why EV SSL Certificates are better than the other types of SSL and their benefits to online businesses.

What is Extended Validation SSL?

Setting the Context: SSL Certificates and its types

SSL harnesses the power of cryptography to protect server-client connections and ensure the integrity, security and privacy of data in transit. SSL certificates are categorized into Domain Validation (DV), Organization Validation (OV) and Extended Validation (EV) based on their validation process.  

DV SSL offers the lowest level of assurance and validates only the domain ownership, making it a basic type of SSL. OV SSL Certificates validates the information about the organization requesting the certificates along with the domain ownership.

Extended Validation SSL

Extended Validation SSL certificates are premium SSL certificates that offer the highest level of assurance and security, with zero compromises on security features. It goes several steps beyond other SSL certificates to verify and audit not just domain ownership and business information, but checks if the organization is legal, operational and has a physical location.

Who Should Use EV SSL Certificates?

EV SSL Certificates are a must for online businesses, e-commerce websites, websites of big organizations and other dynamic sites. It is useful for organizations ranging from online retail and IT companies to banks, financial institutions, and government websites.

Benefits of EV SSL Certificates to Online Businesses

Extensive and Rigorous Verification Process

Not everyone can obtain an EV SSL Certificate. To obtain an EV SSL Certificate, organizations must undergo a rigorous, extensive and globally standardized verification process that uses vetting principles and policies ratified by the CA/Browser Forum.

The entity requesting an EV SSL must prove not just domain ownership and business ownership but must prove that the organization is legal, operational and has physical existence. The entity must also prove that the issuance of the certificate was authorized by it. The Certificate displays all the verified identity information.

Highest Level of Assurance and Security

Extended Validation SSL are the latest generation of SSL certificates designed to inspire user trust and confidence. It offers several visual cues to users such as when you click the lock sign you will be able to see the website's owners (organization) name, dynamic site seals, and so on. You can dig deeper in the details tab to know more about the organization details. This not only visibly indicates that the website/ web application is protected by SSL, but that the entity that the user is dealing with is a legitimate one. EV SSL helps users to distinguish between real and fake/ fraudulent websites. EV SSL certificates are used by most of the leading companies to build trust as well as credibility with their customers.

Prevention of Phishing Attacks

Hackers like end users understand the need for SSL certificates and obtain DV SSL. DV SSL is so easy to acquire. There is no need to share any company paperwork and takes just a few minutes to obtain. So, the website/ applications look seemingly trustworthy. The unsuspecting victims may end up sharing sensitive information or doing the hacker's bidding. This is causing end users to be much more cautious about online transactions, which is causing higher bounce rates, cart abandonment and so on for legitimate online businesses.

Given how rigorous the vetting process is, it is close to impossible for phishers and hackers to obtain Extended Validation SSL. It doesn't end there; the organization is verified, vetted and audited on a yearly basis. So, EV SSL helps tackle the ever-growing phishing challenge.

Upholding Compliance Requirements

Compliance frameworks such as PCI-DSS, GDPR, HIPAA and so on mandate that organizations must take steps to uphold the privacy, integrity and security of user data. And what better way than an Extended Validation SSL Certificate to do so? It offers the highest level of assurance, security and authentication.

Improved Search Engine Ranking

Search engines consider website security a critical component. Given its no-compromise security features and highest level of assurance, EV SSL Certificates help improve search engine rankings.

The Bottomline: Why Does All This Matter?

Authentication of a website is more critical to the user, than it is to the website itself. Users want to know that they are engaging with a legal and authentic entity, that the entity can be trusted to transact with.

With higher search rankings, online businesses gain greater website traffic. The best Extended Validation SSL from reputed Certificate Authorities like Entrust from Indusface come with no-compromise security features, visible signs of protection, warranties, rigorous authentication processes and ongoing audits to keep consolidating user trust.

The result - greater conversions, lower bounce rates, lower cart abandonment and greater brand reputation.


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