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New VDISEC Study Evaluates Virtual Desktop Endpoint Software Security for End-user Computing Solutions

VDISEC, a VDI and end-user computing (EUC) security company, reveals its VDI Endpoint Software Security Analysis, which presented findings of its comparison of software security features for five leading virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) endpoint solutions. VDISEC performed in-depth testing and analysis of Dell, HP, IGEL, Stratodesk, and Unicon VDI software in 14 different security categories that enterprises should consider when adopting or replacing their VDI endpoints. The results of the evaluation placed Stratodesk number one overall for VDI endpoint operating systems.

Enterprises today face increased threats of cyberattacks due to the expanded availability of data driven by the massive workplace shift that occurred in 2020. Employees now spend time in the office, at home and wherever there is an internet connection, which expands the attack surface and financial opportunity for cyber criminals. 

"Security is the primary component enterprises are considering when choosing which EUC software vendor they will go with," said Patrick Coble, founder and principal analyst of VDISEC. "Our new report focuses on the key security features and software components that matter the most to business leaders, and compares them side by side. Until now, not much information is readily available to CIOs and infrastructure managers that dives into the nuts and bolts of the different leading solutions. With the VDI Endpoint Software Security Analysis, we hope to make the decision process easier and less shrouded in secrecy for IT leaders around the world."

Stratodesk Leads in VDI Endpoint Software Security

Relevant, up-to-date information on endpoint solutions can be hard to find. Unlike performance and usability information that is readily available on hardware specifications, discerning the differences between a thin client and endpoint OS for a new laptop has been more difficult. This is partly due to the vast amount of information needed to evaluate VDI and EUC software products. 

The new independent report from VDISEC fills this gap and provides a side-by-side comparison of the security features that are most important to enterprises looking for a secure endpoint solution for their VDI or cloud deployment. Each major VDI endpoint operating system received a score from one to five, with one being the highest, for each of the following categories: 

  1. VDI Client Version
  2. Endpoint Ports
  3. Server Ports 
  4. Firmware Version
  5. Client Management Version
  6. Management Server Options
  7. Management Server Platform
  8. Management Server Components
  9. Management Server Database
  10. Multi-factor Authentication Capabilities 
  11. USB Policy Control
  12. Component Management
  13. Update Method
  14. Release Notes

The vendor with the lowest score is the leader in VDI Endpoint Security. Stratodesk, and its Stratodesk NoTouch OS and NoTouch Center software, ranked number one overall, leading every category except management components and release note details, followed by IGEL, Dell, Unicon and HP.

The complete report is available for download.

Published Friday, December 17, 2021 1:48 PM by David Marshall
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