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Patriot One Technologies 2022 Predictions: What's Next For Stadium Security?

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What's Next For Stadium Security?

By Peter Evans, CEO of Patriot One Technologies

As fans head back to sports games and concerts, and both professional and college sports teams' seasons are in full swing, stadiums and arenas are getting back to full capacity. Along with concerns over COVID-19, fan misbehavior is also an issue, and facility managers, teams and schools are looking for ways to improve security for fans, players, performers, and staff.

What lies ahead for stadium security? Patriot One Technologies draws upon its experience working with teams, venues, schools and other organizations to outline what can be expected when you head back to the stadium for concerts and games in 2022 and beyond.

1)  Fan misbehavior at games and concerts will continue, and increase - We've seen examples of fan misbehavior in 2021 as people headed back to arenas and stadiums after a long year away during the pandemic. I expect to see this trend continue, and increase, as we continue to see societal unrest and discord, and as more people get comfortable going back to games, concerts and other events in 2022. Along with this, various leagues and venues will look for new approaches to reduce and prevent fan incidents in 2022.

2)  Standard metal detectors will be phased out - The metal detectors used today at stadiums, arenas and schools are based on 40-year-old technology that has not changed much at all. However, people's expectations, and security threats have become more complex over this time. Look for new, next-generation AI-based screening tools to replace legacy metal detectors at venues around the U.S. and globally, in an effort to meet modern, more dynamic security threats, while enhancing patron experience and de-escalating fan irritation.

3)  "Fan experience" will become all-encompassing, including security - I think the term "fan experience" will become increasingly important to teams and venues, and as ticket prices increase, fans will demand a better experience. This is true as the industry is no longer building "stadiums," but instead is building "experiences." This will be an end-to-end experience that spans not only what happens inside the stadium, but outside the stadium long before the patron enters (and leaves). How long it takes to get a parking spot and how long the wait in line at security checkpoints is will have as much impact as how comfortable your seat is, how big the arena's digital scoreboard is, how many bars it has, etc. New stadiums will look beyond luxury skyboxes, craft beer selection and Sushi at the concession stands, and examine the entire experience for fans.

While our first prediction will be felt immediately, the second two will be ongoing as venues elevate and improve upon their security strategies. But, we're confident that physical security will soon be moving into modern times with next-generation technology, improving safety and the fan experience. 



Peter Evans 

Peter Evans is CEO of Patriot One Technologies, a provider of next-generation, AI-based patron screening technology solutions. He has more than 20 years of executive experience in forming, developing and managing businesses and teams, and driving aggressive business growth.

Published Wednesday, December 22, 2021 7:30 AM by David Marshall
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