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Element Critical 2022 Predictions: 2022 Outlook - Enterprise Colocation in Four Stages

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2022 Outlook: Enterprise Colocation in Four Stages

By Shane Menking, COO at Element Critical

As 2021 comes to an end, digital technology and the demand for data while optimizing IT infrastructure is not just a trend, it's the path to the future. As today's businesses continue to adapt, with cloud-based applications and on-demand anything, examining how and where you store your company's data is of growing concern. The growth of digital everything is forcing companies to evaluate how their business will be able to grow with, and sustain, the digital demand, which needs to consider how to better support and scale a company's IT infrastructure. As we look forward to 2022, it's important to consider the various options IT managers have for their digital infrastructure, as we see it, enterprise colocation options are primarily available in four stages.

Do it Yourself

The IT closet on premises is a prime example of ‘do it yourself.' On a larger scale, major enterprises have built their own data centers, operating infrastructure in a private and secure location that supports only their business. The benefits of the do-it-yourself model are clear - more control, direct vendor relationships, private and secure, and accessible to make additions, moves, changes as you need it, whenever you need it. These solutions are typically a band aid approach to IT infrastructure development. At some point you'll want to upsize, downsize, optimize your network architecture and systems. Companies will also want to stay abreast of new solutions and capabilities - managing your IT infrastructure on your own could slow innovation for your business. 

Outsource With a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

The second option is to engage with a company that can design, source, and manage your entire IT infrastructure. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are consultants with access to an entire industry of solutions that can design, procure, install, manage and operate your entire stack - without the need to hire a dedicated in-house team. With an MSP your business can reduce operational costs, reduce CAPEX and OPEX, while riding the wave of advancements as your MSP introduces you to proven new solutions. Within the MSP relationship, your business can scale more cost effectively, gain access to trained personnel as needed, and become more capable of supporting business growth. As companies grow, more IT problems arise. An MSP can support all aspects of your company's IT infrastructure. With a focus on managing the entire IT stack, MSPs can ensure your company focuses on its core business.

Colocation: Outsource your infrastructure

Whether you upgrade your IT closet to a colocation or data center facility, downsize and optimize your own infrastructure to reduce OPEX, or require experienced personnel to operate your facility, the next option to consider is outsourcing your infrastructure to a colocation provider. Colocation facilities offer cost-effective, outsourced ‘IT Closets' of all shapes and sizes. These facilities are specially designed to house compute equipment, keeping the rooms cool, managing humidity levels, ensuring hot/cold aisle airflow is optimized, proper battery or generator back-up solutions are available and offering access to a variety of network and application providers that many businesses depend upon. One of the benefits of colocation outsourcing  is that you are able to retain control of your infrastructure - even ensure that your approved company personnel are the only ones with access to your gear. With outsourcing you allow the experts to do what they do best - create an optimal space to ensure your business's compute infrastructure operates at high efficiency - while accessing industry experts to stay abreast of key industry trends, new network entrants, and more, so companies can innovate effectively.

Hybrid Strategy

The fourth option for enterprises is to consider a complete hybrid strategy. Hybrid strategies encompass nearly all aspects of a businesses need, leveraging the most efficient and secure solution for cloud-based applications or proprietary and highly secure digital infrastructure requirements. Oftentimes this strategy is referred to as hybrid cloud, leveraging a smart mix of do it yourself, engaging support from MSPs to support and augment any aspect of your stack, or host your IT infrastructure in a colocation facility - while still in complete control of your digital assets.

At Element Critical, we assemble the essential elements to bring your unique hybrid infrastructure strategy to life. Enterprises are consistently evolving and considering the best way to manage their infrastructure - and looking forward to 2022, this is more essential for success than ever before. As a result, colocation and/or hybrid solutions allow businesses to maintain a data center presence and move certain workloads to the cloud through a cost-effective model to optimize their business.



Shane Menking, COO at Element Critical

Shane Menking 

As a resident of Austin, Texas, Shane Menking serves as Element Critical's Chief Operating Officer.  He brings over 20 years of experience to this role where he will continue to solve IT barriers for Element Critical's customers while making the company's high-performance data centers a valued choice for enterprise and hyperscale clients.

Prior to joining Element Critical, Shane served as President and Chief Financial Officer for Data Foundry Inc., a data center provider acquired by Switch in May 2021. Working closely with Data Foundry's owners, a group of Internet pioneers, Shane led the executive team where he helped build the premier data center platform in South and Central Texas from the ground up. In this role, for two decades, Shane's contributions brought invaluable growth from both a business and a cultural standpoint.

Shane is a Magna Cum Laude graduate from the University of Texas at San Antonio where he received a Bachelor degree in Business Administration.

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