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Tachyum 2022 Predictions: Technology Advancements in 2022

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Technology Advancements in 2022

By Rado Danilak, CEO Tachyum

Artificial Intelligence will once again be at the forefront of technology progression in 2022. Below are a few of my predictions for next year.

1. A supercomputer with higher capacity and speed than the human brain will be built in 2022

The Slovak Republic with the I4DI consortium will build a 64 AI Exaflop supercomputer in 2022 (that's 64 billion, billion AI operations per second). Slovakia's NSCC (National Super Computing Center) located in Bratislava will deliver human brain-scale supercomputing. Almost a dozen other EU countries are watching this project closely, with interest in replicating the supercomputer, if successful.

2. Universal processors will be available in 2022, and they will change computing forever

Universal Processors will provide hyperscale data centers with the ability to switch seamlessly between normal data center workloads and AI workloads, while delivering industry-leading performance in both regimes of computing. This capability obviates the need for heterogeneous data center architectures, comprised of regular servers for normal workloads, and specialized AI processors, such as NVidia provides, for AI workloads. A typical Facebook data center provisions their number of servers for peak customer demand. At night, they turn off more than 50% of those servers to save power. For example, with Tachyum's Prodigy processor, idle servers at their Prineville site can be powered up at night to deliver more than 1 AI Zettaflops of computing resources. This represents a major inflection point for the data center industry, and in the democratization of AI.

3. Apple laptops and other laptops will start transitioning away from Intel processors

Intel is still struggling with chip fabrication and chronic processor performance plateau issues. Meanwhile, AMD products are outperforming Intel offerings, and several innovative new processor products are coming to market. With market pressure from all sides, Intel processors will continue to lose ground, even in Apple laptops.

4. The race to superhuman AI between superpowers will be decided by end of 2022

2022 will usher in a new era in computing unifying normal compute workloads with AI, in a single, homogeneous processor architecture. This process will instantiate a completely new concept of Location Aware Computing. Any way you slice it, the explosive growth in AI technology means that consumers, corporations, and government agencies will soon be able exploit highly advanced AI systems, in order to create life experiences, we can only dream of today. Human brain-scale computing is now looming on the horizon, and it will change your life more than electricity.



rado danilak 

"Rado" Danilak has over 25 years of industry experience and over 100 patents designing state-of-the-art processing systems. In 2016 he founded Tachyum to disrupt markets by solving the processing performance plateau of nanometer class chips. Rado was founder and CEO of Skyera, a supplier of ultra-dense solid-state storage systems, acquired by WD in 2014. As CEO he won the 2013 Gold Tech Awards Circle for Emerging Company Executive of the Year. At Wave Computing, Rado architected the 10GHz Processing Element of deep learning DPU. Rado was cofounder and CTO of SandForce acquired by LSI in 2011 for $377M. Rado pioneered enterprise and consumer MLC flash controllers and solved endurance limited by device physics. He was a chipset and GPU architect at nVidia, a CPU architect at Nishan Systems and Toshiba, and chief architect of 64b x86 CPU at Gizmo Tech.

Published Monday, January 03, 2022 7:33 AM by David Marshall
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