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Alation 2022 Predictions: The Future of Enterprise Data Catalog & Data Governance

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The Future of Enterprise Data Catalog & Data Governance

By Raj Gossain, Chief Product Officer at Alation

Alation, the data intelligence company that helps companies understand data by combining machine learning with human insight, foresees several changes driving the future of data governance and the data economy. With these emerging trends in the data intelligence space, companies can expect to build a data culture in their organization that empowers their users, is aligned with their data strategy, and reduces information silos.  

Business users will be empowered to become data analysts  

Enterprises will empower business users to become data analysts by applying well-trained natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning technologies, and implementing richly curated data catalogs to unleash the power of complex analytics. Organizations with integrated data strategies will provide their employees with the tools that allow them to gain data analyst "superpowers" by tapping into vast amounts of data and driving business results. This improves the productivity of business users and eliminates bottlenecks caused by the reliance on data analysts to find and analyze trusted data within their organizations, making the process more prolonged and arduous than necessary.   

Data catalogs will evolve as a necessity for competitive advantage    

Data intelligence has drastically improved in recent years and organizations are recognizing the value of their data. As a result, companies are taking steps to reinforce data-driven decision making. Many of today's leading enterprises understand the value of data catalogs and how they help organizations remain competitive by enabling confident data-driven decision making. Next, data catalogs will become increasingly popular among mainstream enterprises who are just starting to realize the benefits. In 2022, leadership executives, such as CFOs, will understand that data catalogs are a non-negotiable - and a ‘must have.' It is then that even more enterprises will reap the benefits of streamlined analytics and productivity to generate more sales or meet superior margins compared to market rivals.   

Companies will unlock essential business value by utilizing public and private data marketplaces   

Today, companies are already buying data sets to innovate or get insights where data is lacking. In 2022, we will see an increase in organizations turning to public data marketplaces, using two approaches. First, companies that use data catalogs to access, use, and understand the rich data within their organization will recognize that joining enterprise data with third-party data sets unlocks even more value and productivity than ever before. In contrast, traditional companies will realize that proprietary internal data sets can be monetized and packaged for consumption by other companies, thus creating new revenue streams that will make it easier for enterprises to discover and use.  

These trends will continue to grow through 2022 as enterprises unlock the possibilities and benefits surrounding data governance, data catalogs and the data economy.



Raj Gossain 

Raj is Chief Product Officer at Alation. He oversees product strategy, planning and execution. Prior to Alation, Raj was vice president of product at ClearSlide, now part of Corel Corp. He held the role of vice president and general manager for Cloud & Mobile Collaboration applications at Cisco and ran global product management for WebEx. Raj has also held leadership positions at Yahoo!, Opsware and Netscape/AOL. He holds a Bachelor's in electrical engineering and computer science from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Published Thursday, January 06, 2022 7:34 AM by David Marshall
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