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Nutanix 2022 Predictions: Key Cloud Trends to Watch in 2022

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Key Cloud Trends to Watch in 2022

By Monica Kumar, SVP of Marketing and Cloud GTM at Nutanix

The last two years have put significant pressure on organizations to quickly modernize their IT infrastructure to keep up with an ever-changing landscape. Cloud has indeed become a must have enabler of innovation. But more and more IT leaders are learning that cloud is no longer a destination but an operating model. So, what does this mean for the coming year? Here are some of my predictions for the year ahead.

IT Outlook: More Clouds in the Forecast

I expect the shift to the cloud to continue in full force, and CIOs everywhere will be redefining what that means, and putting it into action. In 2022 and beyond, moving to the cloud will likely mean something different for every organization, based on their business needs. For some, it will be going all-in with a specific public cloud vendor, but for many others it will mean broadening their mix of public and private cloud investments to best support each area of the business. For all, it will certainly mean embracing cloud principles, like agility, flexibility and automation, to create an IT environment that best works for them.

And while multicloud is already established and the dominant IT model, we also know there are many challenges in managing a mixed, cloud environment. As IT leaders focus on building an IT operating model that best supports their organization, to better support a company's ever-changing needs, hybrid multicloud will quickly rise to the surface as the ideal solution.

Redefining the CIO Role and Accelerating IT

The pandemic has also redefined the role of the CIO. If before they were often seen as running a "cost center," most organizations now recognize the CIO as a key role in enabling business strategy and operations as well as employee productivity.

In the year ahead, reimagining today's IT best practices and effectively implementing the cloud, will require a strategic vision centered around enabling business success. From developing a flexible app-centric approach to IT, to effectively supporting employees in whatever mode of work they prefer, CIOs will need to look beyond their existing policies and procedures and, once again, reinvent their playbook to best support the business. Flexibility will be the center of a successful IT strategy and CIOs will need to build a cloud operating model capable of supporting that.

Solving the problem of hybrid data

Data proliferation is often discussed as a key issue, but we don't often talk about the challenges of managing data in multiple locations. However, this is the reality and we're not going back. So I expect 2022 to be the year we take important steps in addressing this issue, with both vendors and IT leaders working together with this common goal. From having visibility of all data regardless of location, to ensuring data protection and governance policies are applied uniformly regardless of which cloud the data resides in, to providing data security across clouds, to simplifying database management across multiple clouds, 2022 will be the year of hybrid data.

What is certain is that enterprises will require flexibility and IT will continue to be a key enabler in supporting that. The era of one size-or vendor-fits all is over, and success will hinge on being at the forefront of this trend.



Monica Kumar 

As SVP Marketing & Cloud Go-To-Market at Nutanix, Monica Kumar is responsible for driving global GTM, messaging, thought leadership and category creation efforts. She plays a critical role in driving awareness of and strategy around Nutanix’s cloud products.

Published Thursday, January 06, 2022 7:29 AM by David Marshall
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