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StormForge 2022 Predictions: Mind the Gap - Kubernetes Optimization

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Mind the Gap - Kubernetes Optimization

By Matt Provo, Founder & CEO, StormForge

As we look ahead to 2022, one thing is perfectly clear: there remain significant gaps to realizing the full promise of Kubernetes and cloud native computing. With any powerfully transformative technology comes rapid experimentation and troubleshooting. 2022 will be the year we move closer to closing the gap on complexity, data and skills. But it's going to take some work and it requires sophisticated Machine Learning and automation.

Complexity Gap

The good news is Kubernetes is maturing and has more support than ever before; the bad news is that in this its complexity has become more exacerbated. In 2022, I expect many organizations will hit a "cloud native wall," where complexity challenges become too big to handle manually. As more workloads are moving into production on Kubernetes, Day 2 operations will be hitting mainstream, and at the same time there's a focus on Kubernetes "disappearing" because management platforms are becoming more mature.

Data Gap

The amount of data being collected by enterprises is far outpacing the actual value they're getting from that data. As data collected continues to explode, it will be critical that organizations find ways to draw insights and take actions based on that information - but it will be harder than ever. The value that people get from observability, however, is not accelerating at the same rate. While the data collected from observability tools provide a lot of value to inform teams and continue to explode, it's really not enough without the right kind of intelligence and automation. As identified in the Canonical "Kubernetes and cloud native operations report 2021" optimizing resource utilization ranks second behind security in importance. That said, enterprises will begin to expect ML and automation to enable real-time optimization and continuous improvement in production operations. Developers need to be able to take action based on what is being observed. So machine learning and automation in observability will continue to increase in importance (especially within production environments).

Skills Gap

While a significant skills gap exists today in the cloud native computing space, expect it to get worse and hit a crisis point in many organizations in the upcoming year. Both COVID and digital transformation will accelerate this gap and companies will be racing more than ever to innovate and compete. Humans that previously were managing applications in non-cloud native  environments are the same ones managing the applications built on Kubernetes, but without the associated training and development. That gap will have an impact on organizations ability to innovate, much less compete. As a result, management tools that leverage AI and automation will become increasingly important to help teams do more with less and overcome the skills gap.



matt provo 

Matt Provo is a three-time founder who has dedicated his career to building world class-products and leading high-performance teams while at Apple, Invisible Children (co-founder), & ParkedIn (founder & CEO - exit); Matt is also an alumnus of Harvard Business School.

Matt is currently the founder and CEO of StormForge, a Series B company who has raised $70M in capital and is backed by Insight Partners. StormForge was built with an unwavering focus on building AI-powered software products that are designed to empower people, not replace them. The StormForge platform is transforming how enterprise teams optimize applications running on Kubernetes. It allows enterprises deploying on Kubernetes to intelligently breeze through billions of possible parameter and settings combinations, quickly pinpointing the best possible configurations for their unique workloads.

StormForge’s mission is to reduce the devastating environmental impact of carbon emissions by delivering automatic cloud efficiency at scale, fighting back against the nearly 100 million metric tons of CO2 data centers emit annually.

In addition to this important work at StormForge, Matt is an active angel investor, loves the art of craft brewing, almost all Boston sports, and spending time outside exploring with his family. 

Published Monday, January 10, 2022 7:36 AM by David Marshall
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